Best Beginner Table Saw

Best Beginner Table Saw: Guide and Reviews for 2020

Being able to design beautiful furniture for your house is so fulfilling and engaging. Every contribution and effort you make to beautify it is from the heart. To help you with this profound and meaningful task, you need the right equipment and tools to get everything right.

6 Best Beginner Table Saw

If this is your first time, you need to have equipment that helps you learn as well as it aids you in the task. Therefore, we bring you reviews of the best beginner table saws that are all efficient and have optimal performance.

1. DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite

The compact and ergonomic design of the DEWALT table saw makes it the best and most suitable saw for newbies. It has the perfect design to assist them in their newly acquired skill and to make them better. The small table saw handles all uncomplicated furniture like nightstands and toy chests.

The portable saw has a 20-inch rip capacity. The base of the device has a steel roll cage that protects the machine from bumps and accidental falls. It is easy to operate and ensures maximum accuracy and precision.

The power of the product is the result of a 15amp 1850 watt motor. It works its way through all or most hard and soft surfaces. The rack and pinion telescoping fence rails help to make easy and smooth adjustments. It has a power-loss reset mechanism that prevents accidental restarts.


  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • You can make adjustments
  • Cuts through any material
  • Affordable


  • No saw stand
  • The working area is small

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The DEWALT FLEXVOLT is a powerful device that has the ability to cut through any material without much effort. It has a 21-inch rip capacity. The cordless construction makes the device more useful and easy to use. It has the same strength and ability to that of a corded tool.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT can be paired up with 60V max and 120V max tools that make it stronger and more proficient at its job. It has a rack and pinion telescoping fence system that helps in making adjustments.

The machine is extremely safe to use. It works both forwards and backwards. The power loss reset mechanism restores the setting in case the device shuts off due to an accident. The durable and versatile table saw is convenient and useful.


  • Powerful
  • Easy to adjust
  • Safe to use
  • Restores settings


  • Battery dies quickly, not meant for long jobs

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3. 96W Mini Precision Table Saw by 4YANG

For more sophisticated cutting and grinding, the 96W mini miniature table saw is the ideal pick. Its compact and ergonomic design makes it highly mobile. You can carry it with you anywhere and hone your skills in the surroundings of your preference.

It comes with an angle ruler that assists you in cutting accurately. The 0-90 degree scale helps when making adjustments before assuming cutting and polishing. The fenders of the device are made of transparent material that does not hinder your vision.

With a 0.6 to 10 mm clamping range of the drill chuck, you can easily rotate and adjust the workpiece. It has a flexible shaft and a laser scale with an alloy backing that promotes accuracy. The miniature also has a bakelite feature.


  • Light and portable
  • Helps in preparing models
  • Has an angle ruler
  • Flexible shaft


  • Instructions do not come in English

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4. SKILSAW SPT99T-01 8-1/4″ Portable Worm Drive Table Saw

Skilsaw is a powerful device that produces maximum torque with increased overall cutting power. The high torque helps in the ripping application of the device. It is the only portable worm drive table saw that has a convenient size and high functionality on our list.

The SKILSAW has a durable and sturdy construction that enables it to endure rough usage. It handles the job site hardships due to its metal construction. The strong motor even operates at low temperatures.

The rack and pinion fence system of the device helps in the smooth operation of the saw. It has an excellent cutting operation. The metal construction adds weight to the device, which adds stability during the operation.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Rack and pinion system
  • Strong motor
  • High functionality


  • Heavy
  • Costly

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5. Delta 36-6023 10 Inch Table Saw with 32.5 Inch Rip Capacity

Here is another powerful saw that does its job with greater efficiency. The tool is designed for stability, efficiency, and storage. It comes with a portable rolling stand that folds easily in one swift step that helps in storing and moving the device easily and smoothly.

It has a sturdy and powerful 15 amp motor that facilitates all the tasks and boosts the performance of the saw. Delta 36-6023 has a large working space that makes working easy without any squeezing and falling of equipment. The folding stand provides the stability that the device needs not to topple while functioning.

The machine has a rack and pinion fence rail that helps with adjustments. The rail makes use of the three quick adjustment tabs that quickly relocate the fence and ensure that the blade and fence are parallel. It thus guarantees consistent and precise cuts.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable fence
  • Simple storage


  • Average miter gauge

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6. Goplus Table Saw

The Goplus table saw has an impressive motor strength that makes cutting swift and smooth. The high powered 15 amp motor functions noiselessly. It has a 5000 rpm cutting performance that rips through materials of all kinds. The strong table beneath prevents the device from toppling while it operates.

The tabletop is fashioned out of aluminum with a 26-inch rip capacity. It cuts through hardwood and all types of materials. It also removes the extra friction for smooth gliding. It has a carbide-tipped blade with a transparent guard and driving knife that all protect you from unforeseen dangers.

The Goplus table saw has a sliding miter gauge that can be adjusted from -45 degrees to 45 degrees for cross-cutting. The self-aligning rip fence with a parallel guide on both sides assists in precise and stable cutting without any wobbling.


  • Excellent rip capacity
  • Good power output
  • Affordable
  • Reasonable weight


  • Average construction

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Best Beginner Table Saw Buying Guide

This buying guide keeps beginner woodworkers who want to learn the art in mind.

Cost of the Table Saw

Since you are a beginner, you don’t need to spend too much on a table saw that you might not be able to handle and would not suit your skillset. You must start with a less expensive table saw that has features that match the skills of a learner so that once you jump onto a bigger table saw, you are able to handle it.

Buying a less costly table saw also means buying one that might not match the quality of much heftier devices. If you are searching for a table saw that is really nice and has all the cutting-edge features you can spend thousands, however, as a learner, a more humble beginning is wise.

Ease of Use

As a beginner, you are not acquainted with the intricacies involved with a table saw. You are a learner who needs to get familiar with things one at a time to be better able to understand it. Therefore, whichever table saw you buy must be simple and easy to use.

The instructions manual plays an important part for you. You must be able to understand all that it says to avoid accidents and to make your project a success. Do not start with a tool that has an overwhelming amount of features that confuse you.

Simple Settings

New beginnings, as much as they are fun, should be easy when it comes to learning things. Too much information or complicated information will cause you to lose interest and could even ruin your project. The table saws we have mentioned above required no assembly or have collapsible structures.

In case you purchase any other table saw, do make sure that the assembly is easy. Simple settings will retain your interest and will not waste your time.

Make Safety a Priority

Safety plays a huge role. As a learner, you need to buy a table saw that is suited for less experienced hands. The tool must come with safety features so that there is less likelihood of you encountering an accident. Get a professional person’s approval and advice before you purchase a table saw.

The on/off switches are one of the safety features of the table saw. You can immediately switch off the machine if you feel the wood is pinching or there is any other trouble. However, the switches must be covered to avoid accidental touches.

Features of the Best Beginner Table Saw

Riving Knife

Whichever saw you purchase, make sure it has a riving knife in it. Installing one late is troublesome and affects the efficiency of the machine as well. Later additions impact the functionality, rendering it useless and an added burden.

The riving knife is positioned behind the saw blade and stops the wood you are cutting from pinching between the fence and the rear of the saw blade. It moves as the saw does in order to prevent kickbacks.


Splitters mostly come in older table saws. They are placed instead of a riving knife. Splitters do not move as the riving knife does, and so impede the travel path of the wood. Both splitter and riving knife do a great job of preventing kickbacks.

Blade Guard

It is a plastic shroud that covers the saw blade. The blade guard prevents you from sticking your fingers or any other part into the saw blade. New saw blades these days come with a dust collection port attached to the blade guard. You can attach a hose in it and create a dust collection system.

Anti-Kickback Pawls

Another feature is the anti-kickback pawl that, although not an essential part, can be useful for some. Anti-kickback pawls are more suited for thorough cuts where the workpiece is entirely sawed through. There are processes where you might not even require their use.

The latch that prevents the occurrence of kickbacks are known as anti-kickback pawls that sit behind the riving knife. Being behind the knife, the teeth on the pawl run across the top of the wood as it pushes past the saw blade.

With the pawls in place, the wood moves freely towards the rear of the table saw. It is only during the times of a kickback that the pawls bite into the wood to resist movement.

Wrapping Up

Making a start is all that counts, the rest follows on its own. You need the right guidance and the right tools to help you master your hidden art.

We bring these reviews and guides to help you buy a table saw that will truly benefit you throughout your wood working journey. They are affordable, safe, and function efficiently. You can try them out for yourself and see how convenient they are.

In case, you do not feel these are right for you, you can always consult the guide to know what features your table saw must have for you to start with a perfect machine by your side!