Buying Guide: Best Benchtop Planer In 2021

Some budding carpenters have argued that the benchtop planer is not among the crucial tools for the workshop. Although they are not wrong, having a benchtop planer makes the woodworking project go much easier.

Fortunately, for everyone who thinks that the planer is such an intimidating tool, you are mistaken. The machine only takes a few minutes to learn if you have not used it before. You will be able to learn how to use it safely and how to correctly plane pieces of wood.

To begin a project with a benchtop planer, you are going to need the following:

  • A benchtop planer
  • A stable worktable
  • Safety equipment

The planer is an extremely powerful tool that will generate a significant amount of wood chips and dust. Sometimes this debris is forcefully ejected, so it is important to have eye and hearing protection and safety gloves.

We have reviewed six benchtop planers we found to perform a superb job in the current market.

1. DEWALT Benchtop Planer, Single Speed, 15-Amp, 12-1/2-Inch (DW734)

The Dewalt DW734 model is a 12 – ½ inch thickness planer. Its head is a three-knife cutter powered by a 15 Amp motor. The motor powers the planer enough to effortlessly manage large and deep cuts on hardwood materials.

The Dewalt benchtop planer is ideal for creating clean, customized work. This is because it offers accurate blade adjustments for the depth of cut that you need.

Product Specifications

  • It has a three-knife cutter head operating at 10,000 RPM.
  • The knives provide one of the best fine finishes that a portable planer can provide. They produce 96 cuts per inch.
  • The Dewalt planer uses disposable and reversible knives. These knives last 30% longer and are easy to change.
  • The safety feature to guard against a snipe is to limit movement using a four-column carriage lock.
  • This benchtop planer is capable of providing 33 ½ inches of material support due to the spacious in-feed and out-feed tables.
  • The planer is powered by a strong 15.0 Amp motor running at 20,000 RPM. With this amount of energy, it is capable of creating deep cuts on hardwood materials.


  • The four-column carriage lock effectively locks the cutter head assembly to prevent the movement that is responsible for snipe.
  • The cutter head provides one of the best finishes ever seen with portable planers.
  • Both the material removal gauge and the thickness scale accurately calibrate the amount of material to remove with every pass.
  • The knife changes are fast and easy

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2. CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Planer, 15-Amp (CMEW320)

The Craftsman benchtop planer is decent. The 5 amp motor powers the cutter head to make 16,000 cuts per minute. The maximum head speed stands at 8,00 RPM.

The powerful head consists of two disposable knives. The removable knives mean that the planer has a quick-change system for changing the knives.

Craftsman model CMEW320 is ideal proportioning lumber to the desired thickness. This bench planer effortlessly planes glued-up materials.

Product Specifications

  • The cutter head speed is 8000 RPM powered by a 15 amp motor.
  • The cutter head makes 16,000 cuts per minute.
  • Solid steel material construction of the cutting head makes it efficient and durable.
  • It is capable of planing materials glued together.
  • The motor provides sufficient power for planing both soft and hardwood material.
  • Poly-V cutter-head mode provides deeper material removal.
  • The experience when using the Craftsman planer is a smooth one. The head is mounted on ball-bearings.
  • Two-knife system-The knives are made of solid carbon steel, so they can cut longer before becoming blunt.
  • The knives are double-edged and reversible.


  • This benchtop planer channels all its power into smoothening rough surfaces. The powerful motor driver provides enough juice to handle demanding projects.
  • The planer is constructed following the four-column design. It is responsible for the smooth and accurate planing experience.
  • The features that make it user-friendly include the quick-change for knives, steel cutter, the ball bearings that support the head, and the two-knife setup.
  • Knives are double-edged and made with high carbon steel. The knives are reversible, so they provide a long cutting life.

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3. Grizzly Industrial G0505-12-1/2″ 2 HP Benchtop Planer

The Grizzly industrial was developed from the need to have a portable yet elegant and heavy-duty planer. The combination of these three characters is its greatest strength.

The model G0505 is a 12-½ -inch planer with a 2-horsepower motor. The cutter head speed runs at 10,000 RPM.

It has an impressive feed rate of 32 FPM thanks to the long and extra-big table extensions and returns rollers mounted on the top.

The knives are slightly thicker than the standard knives on portable planers. They are ⅛ inches thick. They will last longer planing than the regular 1/16-inch knives.

Product Specifications

  • The motor is powered by – 2 horsepower, 110 Volts, 15 Amps.
  • The maximum cutting width is 12-½ inches.
  • Minimum permissible board thickness – 13/64 inches
  • The cutter head contains two high stainless-steel knives.
  • Maximum depth of knife cut – 3/32 inches
  • Cutting height – 6 inches
  • The cutter head speed – 10,000 RPM
  • Material feed rate- 32 FPM
  • Cuts per inch- 52


  • The toggle switch is protected from accidental activation via a safety lock.
  • The top-mounted return rollers make feeding a breeze.
  • A 2-horsepower motor sufficiently supplies the power to go through hard projects.
  • If you need to carry this planer from one place to another, the handles will make it easy for you.
  • The large extension cables increase the feed rate.
  • There is safety protection against incidences of thermal load.
  • The cutting blades are double-sided and interchangeable.
  • The package comes with a wrench and a knife setting jig.

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4. 13″ JET Helical Style Bench Top Planer, Jwp-13Bt

The latest Jet benchtop planer delivers the sought-after combination of power and efficiency. The finished surface is smooth and consistent.

The cutter head is helical, containing six rows of two dozen inserts. The 24 inserts are of the quick-change variety. They can be easily reversed or replaced once they are worn out.

The helical design of the cutter head is meant to reduce the noise generated from its 10,000 RPM motor speed.

Product Specifications

  • The cutter head is helically styled with six rows of 24 individual quick-change insert blades. These blades provide the consistent, smooth cut of the plane.
  • The cast-iron bed with a steel cover is precision-engineered to hold the board flat to reduce the planer snipe.
  • The four-post design provides the maximum support and control of the cutter head when it is smoothing the workpiece.
  • The motor runs on two horsepower, 15 Amps.
  • The cutter head speed is 10,000 RPM
  • Product weight- 82 pounds
  • Item dimensions: L X W X H – 26 x 17 x 21 inches
  • The dual in-fee speed control system is set for 18 FMP or 26 FPM. This enhances the cut efficiency of various types of wood.


  • Adjustable folding tables
  • The two in-feed speeds maximize the cut efficiency
  • A stable cast-iron base reduces the movements which cause snipe.

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5. WEN 6550T 15 Amp 12.5 in. Corded Benchtop Thickness Planer

Would you like to restore your dull and marred boards back to sparkling? WEN 6550T planer is the ultimate restorer.

The machine is a 12-½ inch benchtop planer built with a heavy-weight granite table. It will recycle any rough-looking and worn-out board of wood to give it a fresh finish.

A strong 15 Amp motor powers the WEN benchtop planer. It drives a dual-blade system to up to 18,000 cuts per minute. The feed rate of wooden boards is an impressive 26 feet per minute.

The planer will easily create boards of up to 12-½ inches wide and 6-inches thick. This excellent performance is enhanced by the strong and smooth granite table, which doesn’t distort over time. It provides stable support to wood going through the machine.

Product Specifications

  • The unique granite working top provides a velvety surface for the wooden workpiece to slide over unmarred.
  • The plane’s maximum boarding dimensions are L x W – 6 x 12-½
  • The motor is 15 Amps powering 17,000 cuts every minute.
  • Feed rate – 26 FPM
  • The depth of the plane ranges from 0 to 3/32 inches adjustment with each pass.
  • The dust-port is assisted by a fan to blow away the dust towards the collection bag.


  • The granite table is heavy-duty yet non-bruising on the wood sliding over. It provides an evenly flat surface to do all the planing work.
  • Granite is a lifetime investment since it maintains its looks and integrity over the decades.
  • A granite working top is one of the cleanest as it is both stain and dust-resistant.
  • The combination of a cast-iron frame and the heavy-duty working table, you get a strong and sturdy planing machine.
  • The planing tables are collapsible for easy transport and storage. Side handles are included for easy storage.
  • The in-feed and out-feed tables are adjustable to provide extra support to the long wooden boards.
  • The feeding system uses tri-rollers to minimize the occurrence of snipe.
  • The dual-blade system allows for the middle roller to be reversed. Using both sides of the blades means they work for longer.
  • A rubber adjustment handle provides a comfortable grip as you change the height of the planer. Every rotation of the handle changes the height by 1/16 of an inch. This allows you to set the exact measurement that you need.
  • There a connection port for the dust hose when used together with a vacuum or any other dust extraction device; all the wood having as sawdust stay in one place.

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6. Grizzly Industrial G1033X – 20″ 5 HP Helical Cutter head Planer

The Grizzly brand is one of the most popular portable planers in the industry. The Grizzly model G1033X, on the other hand, is a planing beast. It has the features to support this claim.

The extension tables are constructed out of solid cast-iron material. The cast-iron frame provides the best support you’ll ever find in a planer. It absorbs vibrations, and the weight of the frame keeps it sturdy.

The handwheel is sufficiently large to make the movement of the table unhindered. The stout pedestal holds the power controls at arms level. The base of the planer is made of welded steel to provide maximum stability.

Product Specifications

  • The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty
  • The motor runs on powerful five horsepower
  • Helical cut heads last longer and produce a smoother surface
  • The machine is powered by 220 Volts, 30 Amps, single-phase
  • Standard table size: L x W – 25- ¾ x 20 inches
  • Table size with extensions – L x W – 56 x 20 inches
  • Max. cutting width – 20 inches
  • Max. cutting height – 8-⅝ inches
  • Max. cutting depth – ⅛ inches
  • Min. length of stock – 7 inches
  • Min. stock thickness – ¼ inches
  • Feed rates – 16 and 20 FPM
  • The cutter head speed – 5000 RPM
  • The in-feed and out-feed tables are made of solid precision ground cast iron material.


  • The powder-coated finish makes the metal components rust-resistant.
  • It has a 5-inch dust port that collects the lion’s share of the waste produced.
  • The magnetic switch of this planer has an overload protection safety feature.
  • Other added safety features include the anti-kickback fingers and a chip-breaker device.
  • The bed rollers are adjustable according to the workpiece.
  • Heavy-duty return rollers withstand the heavier material.

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A benchtop planer is another tool that ardent DIY woodworkers need to acquire the skills of operating. Fortunately, as we have seen, it is one of the easiest tools to master. Most planers are very user-friendly.

In our list, we have included the specifications and the advantages of each type of benchtop planer. Read through and find one that can work for you.

Remember, all you need to learn about this awesome machine is the basics. Next, dedicate as much time as you can to practice the theory you have learned.