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The Best Benchtop Belt Sander In 2021

Benchtop belt sanders are extremely versatile tools valued for their efficiency. These linear sanders are popular for the following jobs:

  • Trimming along a scribbled line
  • Smoothing extremely rough edges
  • Evening hardwood surfaces
  • Manual shaping and rounding

Belt sanders pack quite the punch because they are powerful. They can handle coarser grits and rapid expulsion of excess wood.

Unlike orbital sanders, the sanding action of a belt sander is linear. This is to say that you can sand along the grain of the wood and still get an excellent result.

Disc sanders are the most efficient tools for doing precise edge work. On the other hand, a belt sander’s best use is for flattening faces and edges. It can also shape contours and smooth out inside curves.

The belt and disk sanders can both be purchased as separate tools. However, it makes more economic sense to purchase a combination tool: it has wider applications and also saves on space.

A belt sander isn’t considered an essential tool in a hobbyist woodworker’s arsenal. However, carpenters and hardcore DIY enthusiasts always have it in their kit. This guide is written to break down some of the best benchtop belt sanders in the market right now.

1. JET 708595 JSG-96 Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander

The JET benchtop sander is ideal for slicing away large chunks of excess wood or shearing away the thinnest wood shavings.

The benchtop belt and disc sander combination are powered by a ¾ horsepower engine. This engine plows the belt through the heavy jobs.

Product Specifications 

  • The motor operates ¾ horsepower which is sufficient to power the combination sanders through tedious jobs.
  • The sander has a cast iron table measuring 7.5 inches by 12 inches.
  • The cast iron table has set stops at 45 and 90 degrees.
  • The sander operates bother vertically, horizontally, and the inclinations in between.
  • To set up the JET sander, mount it to a benchtop or set it on a bench for use.
  • A 4-inch opening port at the base directs the wood dust generated into a collection system.
  • It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Adjustments are quick and easy to make. This includes set-ups such as changing the belt. To do this, you only have to flip the belt tension spindle. The lever operates on the quick-release system so it only takes a minute to swap out the belt.
  • The table of the sander conveniently serves as a worktop in the horizontal position.
  • JET sander provides a clean working environment with the incorporation of a dust-collection system. The collection works with both belt and disc sanders.
  • An integrated blast gate directs the suction hose to the sander that is in use for maximum clean-up function.
  • Regardless that the JET sadder is quite a massive machine, it is easy to set it up. You can either bolt it firmly to a workbench, purchase a separate stand to install it on, or simply place it on a flat surface. The sander will still be very stable to work on, this is especially advantageous for small workshops with limited space.


  • Some users feel that the power switch is awkward to access when the belt sander is operating horizontally. In this position, the power switch is on the opposite side of the tool. However, this seems to be a matter of personal preference as some users do not mind this.

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It is straightforward to do the tracking with JET. The first step is to pull up the handle of the tracking lock. Next, turn the adjusting knob until the belt moves to the center of the platen. Lock the tracking handle but keep watching it carefully.

The sanding belt normally shifts a bit to the left when the tracking handle is engaged, therefore, you may need to fine-tune it with the knob.

Once the belt is centered, it will stay in place. A rubber-coated drive drum maintains a strong grip on the sanding belt so it doesn’t shift.

The Jet 708595 sander provides an excellent fit for precision edge work and smooth finishing.

2. JET 708599 JSG-6DC Benchtop Belt/Disc Sander

The Jet 708599 is a combination of a six by 48-inch belt and a 12 inch disc. This sander is a heavyweight machine that can only be compared to a workhorse.

The belt can work in both the horizontal and vertical positions. You can also lock it at any angle between the two.

Product Specifications

  • The product has two sanding tables.
  • Each of the two sanding tables has miter gauge slots.
  • The tables have set stops at 45 degrees and 90 degrees.
  • The sander is powered by a 1.5 horsepower, 115/230V motor.
  • The sanding unit has a preinstalled dust box with a 4-inch slot that makes the dust port. The dust port hooks with a vacuuming system.
  • The disc speed is 1725 SFPM.
  • The belt speed is 2500 SFPM.
  • It has industrial-style press-button controls.
  • The stand is sold separately.
  • Product weight: 215 pounds


  • Belt tracking adjustments are easy to use with their exclusive dual thumbscrews.
  • The machine is capable of doing industrial-level tasks.
  • A quick-release belt system makes changes quick and easy.
  • The 1 ½ horsepower machine is capable of powering through tough projects.


  • The price of this sander is on the higher side.
  • The belt tension release system takes a lot of effort to operate.

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Jet JSG-96 does an excellent job at sanding both mitered and flat pieces of wood.

3. BUCKTOOL BD4801 Bench Belt Sander

Consider getting the BUCKTOOL Belt Disc Sander if you intend to remove splinters and jagged edges from your lumber and wood. It makes a great tool for wood polishing and sanding.

Product Specifications

  • Both the sanding belt and disc are driven directly by the motor shaft. This means that you don’t have to adjust the tension settings of the belt, neither do you have to deal with damage belts. It is maintenance-free.
  • The motor direct-drive design increases the tool efficiency by 25% more than the conventional bench belt sander designs.
  • The enclosed induction motor which silently runs the sander is ¾ horsepower that provides a powerful output.
  • The sanding belt can be adjusted to work at either 0 or 90 degrees depending on what your project needs.
  • A motor-driven drum means that you can effortlessly smoothen curved wooden pieces.
  • The base is made of aluminum coated with rubber at the bottom to absorb vibrations.
  • This bench belt sander comes with 2 dust ports to enhance a dust-free working environment. Connect the dust collector using a Y-fitting hose for the best results.
  • Since the Bucktool is a combination tool, it includes a 4 by a 36-inch belt and a disc of 8 inches.
  • It features an adjustable work table with a miter gauge for both the sanding disc and the belt.
  • Product weight: 39.8 pounds


  • Powerful yet quiet induction motor with enough power to sand large and small projects of various materials.
  • This sander doesn’t use a sanding belt nor gear. In this regard, it is maintenance-free.
  • The table is adjustable to fit the kind of project you are working on.


  • This machine is limited to light and medium projects.

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The Bucktool is excellent for both small and medium DIY and carpentry projects. It comes pre-assembled so you just have to unbox it and use it!

4. JET J-41002 Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

This is yet another Jet bench belt and disc sander combination tool that is intended to provide a smooth finish for a variety of surfaces.

This machine effortlessly allows the grinding, sanding, and finishing functions to take place in irregularly shaped pieces.

The Jet J-41002 has a heavy-duty steel base as well as a cast-iron tilting working table. Together, these two features enhance the performance of this sander.

Product Specifications

  • It features a spectacular miter gauge that moves and locks at 45 degrees left and right.
  • The worktop is a tilting table. It is also slotted to accommodate a miter gauge.
  • The unit features an abrasive belt that removes excess material and provides finishing. The belt does the work of a hand file, jigsaw, and coping saw simultaneously.
  • Incorporates a dust deflector and a dust chute to provide a clean work environment.
  • The 8-inch disc sanding unit allows you to grind, sand, and polish large pieces fast and efficiently.
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Product dimensions: 23.1 x 16.7 x 16 inches


  • When you work with the Jet J-41002 you can find your way into tight openings and still efficiently sand odd angles and shapes.
  • The heavy-duty steel base and rubber provide stability and minimize vibrations.
  • A removable platen contributes to the fact that this sander can work irregular patterns.


  • The triangular formation of the belt sander reduces the area of the working top.
  • You have to purchase discs separately.

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The J-41002 is a fairly heavy machine that deserves to be a permanent fixture in your workshop. It has an array of useful applications that are worth the investment.

5. BUCKTOOL BD4603 Belt Disc Sander and 6 in. Disc Sander Benchtop 

The Bucktool BD4603 is one of the most reliable sanders in the game. With this sander, it is a quick and easy job to get rid of splinters and make lumber shiny.

Product Specifications

  • Both the sanding belt and disc are directly operated by a motor shaft.
  • Because of the new motor shaft design, there is no belt maintenance work required. There is no tension adjustment nor damage belt replacement required either.
  • The direct-drive motor design has improved the efficiency of this machine by 25% compared to the traditional design.
  • The enclosed ¾ horsepower induction engine supplies a lot of power for sustained heavy performance.
  • The sander complies with the CSA standards.
  • The sanding belt tilts between 0 and 90 degrees during horizontal and vertical sanding.
  • The drive drum allows you to sand curved pieces and other irregular shapes.
  • It has a cast-aluminum stand with a rubber cushion beneath to prevent vibrations.
  • This combination machine kit includes a 4 by 36-inches belt and 6 inch disc. These components are both adjustable to work with a miter gauge on the sanding disc.
  • Energy specification: 120V, 60 hertz, 5.0 amps
  • Belts speed – 2165 RPM
  • Disc Speed – 3450 RPM


  • The powerful ¾ horsepower motor provides enough power for both small and large sanding projects.
  • The work table with a miter gauge is angle adjustable. It can be used on both the sanding disc and sanding belt.
  • The sanding belt is capable of tilting 90 degrees vertically
  • There is no need for belt, gear, or cog tension maintenance


  • The plastic covers on the sanding discs and belts melt from the high heat generated by sanding projects.
  • Changing the sanding belt is difficult and requires practice

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The BD4603 is a next-generation power tool that promises to get better with each new release. This tool does exactly what you want it to do.

6. Porter-Cable PCB420SA Belt with 8″ Disc Bench Sander

The Porter-Cable PCB420SA is a powerful machine thanks to its induction ball bearing motor. The machine is ¾ horsepower driven.

To better understand just how powerful this machine is, the ball-bearing motor delivers 3450 RPM for the sanding belt. On the other hand, the sanding disc operates at a speed of 2160 FPM. A result is a machine that is capable of delivering rapid, efficient sanding.

Product Specifications

  • The sander uses the standard 4 x 36 inches sanding belt and 8-inch diameter sanding discs.
  • The built-in dust port sucks up all the dust produced. When you are working with the Porter-cable, there will be virtually no dust littering your work surface.
  • Incorporates two aluminum die-cast tables for both the belt and disc sanding. The tables tilt from 0-45 degrees for precision sanding.
  • Each of the two tables features a conveniently placed miter gauge. The miter gauge is there to make precise angled cuts.
  • The sander is powered by a ball-bearing ¾ horsepower induction motor that is capable of providing power to sand a variety of materials.


  • The Porter-cable sander has a cast-iron base that absorbs the shocks of vibration during sanding. This means that the device is stable during use.
  • There are separate tables for both the sanding disc and sanding belt. Each one of them is equipped with a miter gauge.
  • The unsupported underside of the sanding belt provides the space to sand curved workpieces.
  • The dust collection port includes a collection bag that traps the dust as soon as it is generated. This feature ensures that you have a clean working environment.


  • Replacing the belt or disc requires patience and practice.

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The metallic components of this machine consisting of aluminum and cast-iron are very durable. It offers similar functionality as other higher priced benchtop sanders at a fraction of the price.


If you do a lot of projects that require more than average sanding power, then you need a benchtop belt sander. With advanced skills, you can utilize the multi-functionality of this tool.

A belt sander will allow you to sand any sharp edge to a smooth finish. If you have large work-pieces that need sanding or intricate shapes, simply utilize this tool.

According to our buying guide, look out for the following three features:

  • A large sanding belt
  • Strong motor
  • Construction with durable materials

Always wear safety equipment while using the belt and disc sanders.