Best Scroll Saw Blades In 2020

Buying Guide: Best Scroll Saw Blades In 2021

Scroll saws are the go-to tools for creating elaborate cuts in various materials. Therefore, the core of a scroll saw is the blade that does all the cutting. Without a quality blade, you cannot cut anything.

Scroll saw blades come in various types, lengths, different cutting capabilities. Because of all these factors to take into consideration, finding the right blade for your task can be confusing. If you are new to scroll saws, you will need to make an informed choice.

We have decided to write this comprehensive guide to help you make that decision. The review contains preliminary information about scroll saw blades. Also, we picked some quality brands for an in-depth analysis.

How To Pick The Right Scroll Saw Blades

There are five critical factors to consider, which will help you choose the right blade.

Pinned or Pinless?

The pinned scroll saw blade is one of the oldest types in the market. There is a hook system at the bottom of the blade to help you use this blade. The hook part attaches firmly to the scroll saw when it is operational.

Pinned scroll saw blades stay popular because of the ease of use. Its affordability is another one of its advantages.

On the flip side, the disadvantage of the pinned scroll saw blade is that it is thick. Its thickness measure 1/16 inches.

The pinless scroll saw blade, on the other hand, is the modern version. People who prefer it go for its thin blade of just 1/64 inches. Its low thickness is its main advantage as they are considered the best in the market.

Thinner blades mean that you only need a small hole for the blade to go through. If you need a precise scroll saw the cutting job, this is the blade to consider.

However, the pinless scroll saw blade’s disadvantage is that it takes a lot of effort to remove and replace.

What type of blade is it?

We shall look at the seven types of blades under this option. Each type of blade has its own application because they all cut differently.

Standard Blade – This scroll saw blade is the most prevalent among woodcutters. The teeth in the blade are arranged to be equidistant from each other.

The standard blade will cut into several types of material, from wooden to metallic substances.

Skip-tooth blade – This saw blade is ideal for users who are just beginning to use the scroll saw. It consists of two teeth; one is pointing upwards while the other one points downwards.

The skip-tooth blade produces a cut so smooth it is almost velvety. The cut produced on the material does not splinter.

Reverse skip-tooth – The reverse skip-tooth is similar to its traditional counterpart, the skip-tooth blade. However, this blade has the teeth at the bottom in the reverse position.

The positioning of the teeth in reverse prevents the blade from causing unnecessary tears when working with sensitive materials. Plywood and plastic are examples of such material.

Double-tooth – Just lie its name implies, the blade consists of two teeth pointed downwards. A gap for the third teeth follows this.

Use this blade for a job that requires cutting according to details. It is also great for precision cutting.

Precision-ground (PGT) – This is a kind of blade developed by the Olson brand. The PGT comes in an array of designs, such as standard and double reverse.

This blade is outstanding with properties such as accuracy, durability, and its ease-of-use.

Spiral- The spiral blade is known for its efficiency in cutting through any kind of material quickly and effortlessly.

The spiral blade cuts through the material in any direction of a 360 degrees angle. This blade design is the most tractable kind available right now.

Crown-tooth – The crown tooth blade works as a combination of pairs. Two teeth point upwards while two others point downwards.

The advantage of the blade is that it can be mounted in any position. It is also capable of cutting material in any direction.


Compatibility is the most important consideration for a scroll saw blade. The blade you buy must be compatible with the scroll saw.

Some saws are designed to use only the pinned blades while others use the pinless blades. Find out which type your scroll saw works with.

Cutting Capacity 

Some woodworkers simply need to cut through some materials fast with quickly with the scroll saw. If you are one of them, look for a blade with a cutting capacity of at least 1 inch and above.

If your project requires high precision cutting on soft and delicate materials, use a pinless blade. The pinless blade has a cutting capacity of 3/32 inches.

The cutting capacity of the pinless blade offers more room for maneuver because the blade is so thin. The pinless blade cuts more accurately because it doesn’t cut a large hole as the blade goes through the material.

It is also important to consider the type of material you are working with. If you are cutting thick wood, the appropriate blades to use are those with a cutting capacity of at least 1 inch. The bigger the width of the blade, the more durable it is. Thicker blades do not break easily when cutting through tough materials.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

The more blades contained in every inch, the smoother the cut is going to be. The teeth per inch are numbered using a system by the manufacturer.

A blade that contains a higher TPI count tales more time to cut through a material. This is because the teeth are clustered together and will, therefore, remove less material.

If you want to quickly see through your workpiece, get the brand with a low tooth per inch count.

1. Delta Power Equipment Corporation 40-519-Precision Ground Sharp Scroll Saw Blades

The Delta Power 440-519 precision sharp scroll saw blade blades work well with pinless scroll saws.

These types of blades have teeth set both upwards and downwards. A raker tooth is then inserted to ensure that it produces clean and precise cuts without burning.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer style No. 7
  • Blade dimensions: W X H – .045 x .017
  • Teeth per inch (TPI) – 11.5
  • Suitable for cutting through ¾ – inch to 1 ½ inch hardwood material


  • This blade produces accurate cuts and is ideal for precision projects
  • Less effort is required to cut through material with this blade
  • No burning

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2. Hardware and Outdoor Scroll Saw Blades for Thick Wood, 12-Pack

Hardware & Outdoor scroll saw blade model HRD-PN-79110364 has the edge over the competition. Due to the fact that the blade is both versatile in the type of material it is capable of cutting.

Furthermore, it has a large cutting capacity. The blade will easily cut through ¾ inches to two inches thickness of hardwood.

The Hardware & Outdoor scroll saw blade cuts through a variety of materials. This makes it quite the versatile blade to have in your arsenal for various fretwork.

The design of the blade is the revers-skip tooth design to prevent splintering when cutting sensitive material.

Product Specifications

  • Blade type- reverse skip-tooth
  • Cutting capacity- ¾ – 2 inches for both hand and softwood
  • Blade dimensions – 5-inches long
  • Quantity on the packaging – 12 blades


  • This blade effortlessly cuts through hardwood and other tough materials.
  • The reverse skip tooth design minimizes splintering to produce a smooth cut.
  • The cutting capacity range means it is versatile for different projects.


  • This scroll saw blade produces rattles when it makes a turn. This can be annoying.
  • The reverse skip tooth at the bottom makes it difficult to back up the blade.

Despite the shortcomings, this is one of the best pinless blades for cutting through hardwood effortlessly.

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3. WEN BLXX00 #2/0 Spiral Pinless Scroll Saw Blades, 12 Pack

If you need to create artful pieces out of artistic materials, the WEN spiral pinless blade is for you.

Product Specifications

  • One pack has 12 pinless blades
  • The spiral design means that it will cut at all directions, including sharp bends to create complex patterns.
  • Blade length – 5 inches
  • Teeth per inch – 55.9


  • It is ideal for creating artful patterns

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4. Ryobi 20 Teeth per in. Regular Tooth Scroll Saw Blades (4-Piece)

The Ryobi blades are made of high-grade carbon steel with 20 teeth per inch. The packet contains four pieces of standard tooth scroll saw blades.

The blade is compatible with scroll saws that work with 5-inches pinned blades.

Product Specifications

  • The blades are intended for general cutting work of wood and plastic
  • The package contains four pieces of regular tooth scroll saw blades
  • Teeth per inch – 20
  • Constructed with high-quality carbon steel
  • Compatible with scroll saws that accept 5-inch blades
  • The blades have pinned ends


  • Highly durable because of the carbon steel construction
  • Because the blades have pinned ends, they are compatible with a variety of scroll saws.

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5. OLSON SAW FR49501 Pin End Scroll Saw Blade

We chose the Olson SAW FR49501 scroll saw blade because of how beginner-friendly it is. The blade design is the regular skip tooth type.

The blade offers a decent level of control when cutting through an array of materials, whether wood or plastic.

The Olson blade has a cutting capacity from 3/32 inches to 1 inch. This way it can perform different projects requiring different materials.

When you open this package, you will find blades of different sizes. The blades have different TPIs as well. You will get blades of TPI 10, 15, and 18.5. These blades vary in thickness and cutting capacity.

You can be assured that once you invest in the Olson FR49501 18-pack, you will be able to accomplish various projects with different requirements.

Product Specifications

  • Since the blade is the pin-end style, it is easy to install and remove.
  • It is compatible with scroll saws that use 5 inches pinned blades
  • The cutting capacity ranges from 3/32 inches to 1 inch
  • It can cut through soft and hardwood and plastic with relative ease
  • Length of the blade – 5 inches
  • Type of blade – regular skip tooth
  • The pack contains three makes of the Olson blade; SC41201, SC41101, and FR42401. There are 6 blades for each of the three different blade models.
  • Pack quantity – 18 blades


  • New users can easily grasp the concept of installing and operating the blade
  • The blades provide enough room to maneuver when cutting through both soft and hard materials.
  • One pack contains 18 blades of varied thickness, teeth count, and size
  • The cutting capacity is wide enough from 3/32 to 1 inch


  • Olson blades are a bit fragile when cutting turns. You need to gently maneuver a corner with this blade
  • The teeth become blunt after a few sessions of cutting through hardwood and other tough materials. It is not the best blade for hardwood

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6. Univ 2 for thickness .035 X 41 Plain End Scroll Saw Blades ( 12 per pack)

This Olson spiral scroll saw blade is twisted with teeth pointed outwards in all directions. Because of this, it has the capacity to perform at 360 degrees. You don’t have to turn your workpiece while doing fretwork.

This is the kind of blade that works with all types of material—plaster, bones, non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Pinless blade
  • It will cut materials without turning because of the 360-degree action
  • It is suitable for cutting through both hard and soft materials
  • Teeth per inch – 41
  • Blade length- 5 inches long
  • Product dimensions: L x W x H- 0.3 x 1.8 x 8.5 Inches
  • Product weight – 0.6 ounces

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As we conclude this informative guide, we know that the blades come in different designs, length, and cutting capacities. Each kind of blade has unique cutting capabilities.

If you own a scroll saw or planning to acquire one, one thing is clear, invest in high-quality blades. We hope that our scroll saw blades reviews have equipped you with the information to find a quality blade.