Best Glue for Wood Furniture Review

Best Glue for Wood Furniture Review

When you are doing some woodwork, making wood joints once in a while is inevitable. While old-school solutions like nails and screws still do a fine job at joining wood, they have nothing on wood glue.

With the right wood glue, you can get a bond stronger than the wood itself, which is very strong and durable. However, there are countless brands offering wood glue, and if you are new to woodworking and don’t know what to look for, the choices can be a bit overwhelming.

In this article, I lay down everything there is to know about wood glues so you can make an informed choice. I’m also going to list the six best types of glue for wood furniture for you to choose from.

Here is a list of the six best wood types of glue for you to choose from. Let’s see how they compare.

1. Titebond 1413 III Ultimate Wood Glue

If you want furniture glue that sticks right, you can’t go wrong with a Titebond brand. With this glue, you get a bond stronger than the wood itself.

It’s water solvent resistant, which makes it suitable for use on the interior application as well as exterior application. Its FDA approved, and this makes it suitable for use on household items like kitchenware.

It is easy to clean the excess glue off the furniture using water. If you still have some glue remnants after the wood dries, you can easily sand it off.

It dries fast while allowing you enough time to apply and stick the wood together.


  • Dries fast
  • FDA approved for indirect food contact
  • A stronger bond than wood
  • Easily cleans with water or sanding
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior uses


  • Relatively runny

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2. Franklin 3704 Wood Glues

When you work with dark-colored wood, you want to make sure you have dark wood glue that conceals the bond lines on your furniture. Here is where Franklin 3704 comes in. It’s a Titebond glue died to blend in with darker types of wood. Ideally, it is the shade of walnut-colored wood.

It dries fast, which means you need a short clamping time, and you can continue with your project without stalling.

It’s easy to clean the excess glue off the wood with water, and should you have some that remain after the wood dries, some sanding will do the trick.

You get a very strong bond with this wood, which makes it very durable. It’s water-resistant, which makes it ideal for both interior and exterior projects.

Also, it works with all kinds of wood, hard, soft, or anything made of natural wood composite.


  • Dries quickly
  • The excess glue cleans up easily with water or by sanding
  • Perfect for dark wood projects
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior projects


  • Only works best with dark wood projects

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3. Elmer’s Products, E7050LMR Carpenters Wood Glue

This is another brand of furniture wood glue that you will not regret buying. The joints you join with this glue are stronger than wood, which makes it very durable.

You don’t get to stall your projects waiting for the joints to dry as this glue dries within 20 to 30 minutes of clamp time, and 24 hours for the joints to get fully cured. If you are not going to stress the joints, you can carry on with your project as soon as you unclamp the wood.

It’s ideal for household furniture and works well with all kinds of wood, soft, hard, and porous material.

Cleans up easily with water and soap, and if you miss a spot, you can always clean it later with some quick sanding.

It is non-toxic, and this makes it suitable for household furniture and home repairs.

If you are looking for a glue that will hold your wood together for a long time, then this is it as the bond you create using it is stronger than wood.


  • A stronger bond than wood
  • Dries up fast
  • Cleans up easily with water or sanding
  • Works well with any kind of wood
  • Ideal for household furniture


  • Only suitable for interior uses

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4. Gorilla Wood Glue

Get your joins right with the Gorilla Wood Glue. It’s one of the most trusted wood glue brands on the market.

Get a bond stronger than wood, which is very durable. The glue is also water-resistant, which makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor projects. Clean the excess glue easily with a dump cloth and sand off any remnants you might have missed when the wood dries.

Your project does not have to stall as the drying clamp time is between 20 and 30 minutes. However, take care not to subject the joint to a lot of stress as the wood takes 24 hours to dry fully.

The Gorilla glue dries to a natural, earthy color so that you get a natural-looking bond line. Since the glue is FDA approved, you can use it on household items and kitchenware like chopping boards.

You can apply this glue on all types of wood: soft, hard, and natural wood composites.


  • A short drying time of 20 to 3o minutes
  • Dries to a natural wood color which helps conceal the bond line
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for use on both interior and exterior projects
  • Stronger bond than wood
  • Cleans easily with water


  • Gets clumpy if not stored properly

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5. Titebond 4134 Extend Wood Glue

If you have always had issues with clumpy glue before you put your project together, this wood glue solves the problem. It takes longer for it to set so that you have enough time to put the pieces together and align everything together.

This is especially helpful if you are living in a dry environment where humidity levels are very low.

You get a very strong bond so that your projects stay intact for long. It’s versatile too, and you can use it on all types of wood.

It passes type 2 water resistance, and therefore best suited for outdoor projects. After application, you can easily clean off the excess using a dump cloth, and a quick sanding will do for any spots you might miss.


  • Ideal for exterior projects
  • Cleans easily
  • Versatile
  • Water-resistant
  • Longer setting time, so you have the time to properly align the pieces


  • Not suitable for interior projects

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6. Franklin International 5005 Titebond II Premium Wood Glue

For all your exterior woodwork projects, you need wood glue that is both water and solvent resistant. This way the glue is durable and resilient against weather elements.

The Titebond wood glue is solvent and water-resistant, which means that it won’t have been affected by varnish or any other kind of finish you might want to use on your projects.

The bond at the joints you create is stronger than the wood itself, and with a short clamp time, so you don’t have to stall your project for long waiting for it to dry.

It cleans easily with a damp cloth, and you can just sand off any that remains on the wood later when it dries.

It’s versatile, which means you can use it on any kind of wood you are working with, hard, soft, or natural wood composites.


  • Versatile
  • Very durable
  • Water and solvent resistant
  • Suitable for exterior projects
  • Cleans easily with a dump


  • Not for use on internal projects

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Considerations for the Best Glue for Wood Furniture

If you are involved with any kind of woodwork, you know good quality wood glue is a must-have. If you are just picking up woodwork as a hobby, then you will soon realize how handy wood glue is to your woodwork.

With the numerous wood glue choices in the market, choosing the ultimate wood glue can get a bit challenging if you don’t know what you are looking for. Here are important pointers to guide your choice.


Whatever wood glue brand you get, consider the strength of the wood bond you create. This is the only way you make durable woodwork pieces.

Most of the wood glue will give you a strong bond, usually stronger than wood. These kinds of wood glue are the best.

How does the Wood Glue Look When Dry?

When you are using glue in your woodwork, you want to use wood glue that is subtle with a natural, earthy look when dry. This way, the bond line on your wood project looks like the wood and is therefore concealable.

This is especially important if the bond line is going to be visible on the item you are constructing. If it’s not visible it may not matter a lot.

Solvent Resistance

Mostly, you will want to apply some type of finish to your wood project. If the wood glue you used on the project dissolves when it comes into contact with the finish you are using, you will end up with a messy look.

Also, if you are constructing if meant for outdoor purposes, wood glue that’s not water-resistant will come undone if rained on.

How Long Does the Glue Take to Set?

Ideally, you want wood glue that takes just the right amount to set. Wood glue that sets too fast will set before you have aligned the wood pieces you are joining. On the other hand, wood glue that takes too long to set will take too long to dry, and you will have to set the woodwork project aside for it to dry.

Normally, wood glue should take about 20 to 30 minutes of clamp time, after which you can continue working on it. Always take care not to stress the joints before they are fully cured, which usually takes about 24 hours with most wood glue.

How Easy is it to Clean the Excess Glue off the Wood?

Although most wood glue is water-resistant, it cleans off the wood with a simple wiping with a wet rag. This always makes it easy for you. Make sure you buy wood glue that comes off easily so that you don’t end up with ugly stains on the wood.

Do you Need Wood Glue for Indoor Projects or Outdoor Ones?

Always keep in mind that some wood glue types will only be suited to interior projects or exterior ones and not both. Some wood glue types are okay to use on both internal and external projects.

Make sure you get glue suited to your needs in this regard.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wood Furniture Glue

How Long Should I Wait for the Wood Glue to Dry?

This depends on how long certain wood glue is designed to take after application. Mostly, it will be indicated on the packaging how much clamp time it should take.

What’s the Best Furniture Wood Glue?

As I have already explained, this depends on a lot of factors. You need to choose wood glue that is best suited to your needs. If you are working on an outdoor project, for instance, make sure you get wood glue that can weather the harsh outdoor weather elements.

In Conclusion

Furniture wood glue is an important accessory to woodworking that you cannot afford to work without. The numerous options on the market sometimes make it hard to choose the best, but when you know what to look for, it becomes significantly easier.

In this article, I have listed the six best furniture wood types of glue. They are all awesome products, but you should especially check out Titebond 4134 extend wood glue. It’s especially great if you always find that the wood glue you use sets before you are done aligning the wood pieces. It has a longer setting time, creates a strong bond, and also cleans easily with a damp cloth.