Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking 

Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking 

Whether you’re creating a wooden object, a piece of furniture, or any wooden project, your goal is always to create something that durable and beautiful.

Your wooden project cannot come to life without the right material or tools. Sanders have become one of the ideal tools for finishing off wooden projects.

This is why you need to own a sander like the regular orbital sander you see in most workshops. Since there are many of these sanders available for purchase in the market, it has become increasingly difficult for most people to pick one.

Are you having trouble? Have you been having a hard time picking an orbital sander for your woodworking projects? If yes, then you have come to the right webpage.

This piece will review some of the best orbital sanders for various woodwork projects and share certain tips that will help you as you shop for these sanders.

Best Random Orbital Sander for Woodworking Projects

1. 3M Elite Central Random Orbital Sander

Built with some of the best materials, the 3M Elite Orbital Sander is ideal for personal and industrial use.

One of the most fascinating features of this sander is its lightweight nature. Not only is this product lightweight, but it has also been built with aluminum, making it super durable and capable of meeting all your sanding needs.

Unlike most of the other sanders, this product has been built to reduce user fatigue. Even after making use of this product for hours, users do not feel any pain. This is not something you get to enjoy when you make use of other sanders.

The handles and other parts of this product have been made to be as ergonomic as possible. This guarantees you a better grip and overall usage.

Another feature that happens to stand out is the reduced vibration. Generally, when you make use of sanders, they tend to vibrate slot. This product breaks the chain by offering you a valuable yet quiet machine to finish off your wooden projects.


  • Brand; 3M
  • Weight; 2 pounds
  • Power source; air powered
  • RPM; 10000


  • It is made with ergonomic materials that offer comfort.
  • Its aluminum design prevents crack of any sort.
  • Its pneumatic power exceeds the regular performance of any sander.


  • It is quite expensive.

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2. Dynabrade 59020 Non-Vacuum Orbital Sander

This product, like most of the others, has been built with users in mind. Its handles have been designed with ergonomic materials, further enhancing the comfortability of users.

The comfort platform feature of this product also offers used protection against the exhaust pipe. This feature is removable and can also be installed separately.

Another exciting feature is the speed control feature, which allows you to thumb-control the sander’s speed setting. This product gives you absolute control of the speed setting, unlike anything you’ve seen before.


  • Brand; Dynabrade
  • Weight; 1.43 pounds
  • Power source; air powered
  • RPM; 12000


  • It gives you absolute control of the speed setting.
  • It is a lightweight product that is easy to carry.
  • It offers you an additional comfort level.


  • You will need to get and install the comfort platform separately.

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3. Bosch OS50VC Electric Orbital Sander

With a 3.2-AMP motor, the Bosch OS50VC is a powerful beast that offers you fast sanding. This product from the Bosch brand offers a suspension control feature that lets you control the entire machine.

Interestingly, to help you as a user, the variable speed setting has been incorporated into this product to help you match the speed of the sander to that of the material that you need to sand.

For dust collection, a dust collector port has been attached to this product. This dust collector has a micro-filter that has been integrated with a paper filter and screw off for easily emptying the trash.

The plethora of features attached or incorporated into this product makes it ideal for every workspace and project. Regardless of the type you have in mind, this sander is capable of helping you finish up any surface.


  • Brand; Bosch
  • Model; OS50VC
  • Weight; 1.4 pounds
  • RPM; 8000 – 11000
  • Voltage; 120 Volts


  • It offers you the best output result.
  • Its variable speed setting ensures that you are able to match the speed of the material to be finished off.
  • It comes with a dust collector port.


  • It is an expensive random orbital sander.

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4. DEWALT 20V Max Orbital Sander

Like all of the other DEWALT manufactured machines, the 20V Sander happens to be one of the most efficient and powerful sanders there is.

This product stands out from the others as it was designed with a plethora of features. First, this is a battery-powered machine that has been built to offer you enough power to get the job done.

Unlike most of the other sanders reviewed here, the 20V is battery-powered, meaning that you do not have to worry about electricity when carrying out tasks. This makes this product ideal for individuals that reside in countries or states where uninterrupted power supply is a challenge.

All they would need to do is charge and make use of this product. Impressive, right?

Some other features will definitely endear you to this product. For example, the brushless motor has been designed to offer efficiency and runtime needed to get the job done.

Another impressive feature is the low profile height. Unlike some of the other sanders that make it difficult for you to reach and conveniently use, this battery-powered makes it easier for you to get closer to the workspace.


  • Brand; DEWALT
  • Model; 20V
  • Weight; 5.6 pounds
  • Power source; battery-powered
  • RPM; 8000 – 12000
  • Voltage; 20 Volts


  • This is a powerful machine that affords you both ample time and power to get tasks done.
  • It makes it easier for you to get closer to the working surface for more precise finishings.
  • It comes with a brushless motor that boosts efficiency.


  • It is quite expensive.

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5. SKIL PWRCore Orbital Sander

This battery-powered sander has been designed with some of the best materials available in the market.

Interestingly, the battery attached to this product has been wrapped with some of the best cooling materials that increases the battery life and offer you two times the regular battery life.

The brushless motor also boosts performance and also makes the sanding process efficient. Another interesting feature is the speed variable setting.

Like in the other products, this feature, helps you match the speed of the material to be worked on.

Generally, when discussing battery-powered machines, most woodworkers worry about the time spent in charging batteries. This product has been designed to charge for only five minutes if you need to kick-start it, which saves you time. However, for a 100% charge, you will need to charge for thirty minutes only.

This makes this product convenient and easy to make use of.


  • Brand; SKIL
  • Weight; 5.25 pounds
  • RPM; 8000 – 10000
  • Voltage; 20 Volts
  • Power source; battery-powered
  • Battery type; Lithium-ion


  • It is a fast charge sander.
  • It is made from some of the best materials, making it super durable.
  • Offers a longer time and stable battery life.


  • It is quite heavy to make use of.

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Buying Guide

While we have reviewed some of the best random orbital sanders for woodworking projects, we should discuss some of the core features you need to look out for when shopping for these sanders.

The Motor Power

This is currently one of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for an orbital sander.

Basically, the motor power determines the overall performance of the sander you choose. It also determines the efficiency and reliability nature of the sander you choose from. You definitely wouldn’t want to get a sander that is not both fast and efficient.

While the motor power will determine a couple of things as mentioned earlier, it mainly determines the efficiency, reliability, and speed of the entire sanding process.

While a plethora of these sanders come with a motor of 3 – 4 AMP, you should pick one that has a higher AMP. The more power the sander can deliver, the higher orbit per minute the sander will make.

If speed is your priority, then it is important that you pick one that has a higher motor power.

Speed Setting

This is another core feature of this product that should be looked into when shopping for any of these products.

Currently, there are two-speed settings; variable and fixed. As the names imply, the variable speed setting can be changed anytime you see fit. The fixed setting, on the other hand, cannot be changed. It is fixed.

Although each of these sanders is ideal, they all have merits and demerits that should never be overlooked for any reason. Before picking one out of the lot, it is important that you understand what these two-speed settings are and how they affect this product’s overall performance.

Aside from understanding how these speed settings work, you also need to remember that the material you are to sand will also affect the type of sander you choose.

Generally, the fixed speed setting is quite cheaper, but that does not necessarily mean it’s better. With only one speed setting, which is usually not more than 12000 RPM, they are ideal for all standing woodworking projects or tasks.

On the other hand, the variable speed setting allows you to change speed settings depending on the type of material you’re working on. They generally have a speed rating of about 4000 – 12000 RPM or more.

Unlike the fixed speed setting that is ideal for standing tasks, the variable setting is suitable for any task you have in mind. In all, the variable setting will offer you the opportunity to complete various tasks.

Ergonomic Design

When using woodwork tools like this, it is best that you use them properly as one wrong move may cause serious injury.

The recent accident rates have forced manufacturers to design comfortable handles that not only make it convenient to hold but also offer you a firm grip.

When choosing a sander with an ergonomic design, there are actually two things you should take into consideration; the materials used and how it feels in your hand.

First, you would need to pick a sander made with quality material. Then, take into consideration how it feels on your hand. Will you feel pain if you use it for a couple of hours?

Getting this right will help you pick the best sander for your woodworking project.


As mentioned earlier, most of the sanders available in the market tend to make a lot of noise. This is especially why most manufacturers have made theirs vibrate less.

Too much vibration emanating from a sander will make the job difficult and uncomfortable. This is why you need to take into consideration its vibration level.

Currently, some of these sanders have been built with vibration reduction mechanisms. If you really want to enjoy working on various woodworking projects, then it is best you opt for one of those

Dust Collection Port

Almost every woodworking tools raise dust and other particles during the course of using it. Depending on how the tool is positioned, dust may settle in your lungs or workshop. You definitely wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Getting a sander that comes with a dust collection port is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself and your workshop. While picking one that has a dust collection port is ideal, ensure that it has a micro-filter for easier disposing of trash.