Best Spoon Carving Knife: 2020 Guide

For one to be able to make the spoon carving process a very fast and easy one, it is very necessary that the proper use of spoon carving knives are being implemented.

While some people would want to make do with the improvised model of spoon carving and whatnot, others wouldn’t dare to take the chance. Why?

Because these knives are specifically produced to bring about an all around fun, fast, and easy experience to the art of spoon carving.

Reviews for the Best Spoon Carving Knife

By the end of this article, you should have adequate knowledge of the things to look out for when seeking to lay hands on the best spoon carving knife.

Let’s quickly dive in!

1. Gimars Japan 420J20 Stainless Iron Sharp Wood Carving Hook Knife

When looking to get the best knife that will suit your spoon carving needs, it’s no surprise that the Girmars Japan 420J20 stainless iron sharp wood carving hook knife easily comes to mind.

A lot of people have been able to acknowledge the fact that this product comes with stellar features that you can easily adapt to, but for you who doesn’t know this yet, there are a few things to take note of.

Apart from possessing a beautiful outlook, one can be sure of getting maximum results while using Girmars Japan 420J20 because of its edge performance. It’s sharp, hard, and offers strong resistance to rust.

For starters, this product could be the gateway to landing a smooth path to wood carving.

Also, if you are looking to acquire a wood carving product that isn’t quick to get weak, which often leads to early spoilage, consider Girmars Japan 420J20 a worthy buy.

There will always be wood carving projects that would give you issues while you’re at them. But with unique products such as this, one can be guaranteed of a much easier work process.

It’s no doubt that during special seasons and occasions, we start to think deeply about what to get for the special men in our lives. Girmars Japan 420J20 can pass as a special gift for your father, husband, or son.

To get an awesome experience while handling wood carving projects such as cups, bowls, spoons, hard and softwood, this should be considered as one of your best bets!


  • Brand: Gimar
  • Weight: 2.11 ounces


  • It’s sharp
  • It’s comfortable to handle
  • Affordable


  • It’s hard to use at first

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2. Swayn Wood Carving Tools Set

Have you thought about what a complete set of wood carving tools would do for you? This means that you will have access to everything you need to accurately carve your wood.

One of the best products that give you this and even more are the Swayn Wood Carving Tools Set. It contains cut resistant gloves, a whittling knife, spoon carving hook knife, a polishing compound, chip carving detail knife, and a leather strop.

Each item contained in this set offers very specific uses for the user.

The hook knife, for example, is used for carving household equipment such as a pumpkin, bowls, cups, and for spoon carving. You can use it to turn any of the aforementioned into a specific form and design.

To be able to get very accurate with woodcutting, the hook knife is the go-to tool. Also, the blade is produced with a manganese steel blend that’s of high quality. This allows it to provide a very smooth and shiny feel during the cut.

The hook knife creates room for a beginner to get a good hang of it. So, as a beginner or a professional, it’s very easy to achieve whatever you want to through the use of the hook knife from this set.

As a beginner, you need to implement the use of hand gloves at all times to prevent your fingers or palms from getting hurt.


  • Brand: Swayn
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Blade material: Manganese steel


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Very professional
  • High quality
  • Great value for money


  • Dangerous if mishandled (very sharp)

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3. SZQHT Wood Carving Hook Knives Set

The SZQHT Wood Carving Hook Knives Set is one to look out for when you are looking to lay hands on the best spoon carving knife. As a matter of fact, this product contains a set of knives that you would love entirely.

With this set of knives, you can achieve your wood spoon carving aims. Cups, kuksas, bowls, and more are among the items that you can produce with this set.

The SZQHT Wood Carving Hook Knives Set includes a hook knife, a sloyd knife, and a chip carving knife all designed to help you have a good wood carving experience.

Getting the perfect, smooth, and shiny cuts with this set of knives is very easy because each blade provides a great performance. This is because it’s sharp and it’s made of premium quality materials. It’s able to cut through soft and hardwoods such as walnut.

When it comes to the handle, these spoon carving knives are made with ergonomic handles. This means that it’s going to make for a durable choice and also allows a user to feel comfortable while using it.

If you know anyone who’s good at wood carving, this product could make for a great choice of gift for them. Beginners and professionals are welcomed to use it.


  • Brand: LY
  • Item Weight: 1.58 ounce
  • Handle: Ergonomic


  • Sharp blades
  • Premium handles
  • Beginner friendly
  • Highly valuable


  • Not really affordable

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4. North Bay Forge Full Size Deep Bent Knife

If you are a beginner at spoon carving, you should consider using the forge full size deep bent knife as one of the best tools in your bag.

This product, produced by North Bay, comes with a sharp blade of about 1.5 inches. Just like the name implies, if you have a project that requires pulling out materials from deep areas, you can quickly implement this for easy pulling.

Deep areas might include masks, spoons, chairs, bowls, seats, and more. While working on a project, it will be entirely useless to employ another knife as long as the full size deep bent knife is available.


  • Brand: North Bay
  • Material: US-made high carbon and US grown trees


  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It can be used for professional purposes
  • Sharp, premium blades
  • Great value for money


  • Blades might get rusty overtime (without care)

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5. VistosoHome Hook Knife for Wood Carving – Spoon Carving Tool

Looking for the best spoon carving knife also requires that you aim for one that’s of high quality. One such product is the VistosoHome Hook Knife for Wood Carving – Spoon Carving Tool.

Made with premium quality and designs, this product promises to afford wood carvers the best experience they can get.

If you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about not getting it right with this product. This is because the hook knife has been designed in such a way that it accommodates professionals and beginners alike.

One of the major reasons you should consider getting a VistosoHome Hook Knife for Wood Carving – Spoon Carving Tool is because of its blade cover.

The blade is the most dangerous part of a knife, obviously. So, if a company is offering to provide you with a cover for the blade, that’s a plus and who wouldn’t want to embrace such an offer?

Aside from that, the blades of the hook knife need to be protected from rust to prevent bluntness. With the help of the blade cover, the blades get maintained and this means that the high quality of the blades will be retained.


  • Brand: VitosoHome
  • Blade: High Quality Forged Carbon Steel
  • Blade Cover: Leather
  • Width of Blade: 5/8ths inch
  • Length of Handle: 4 inches
  • Handle: Oak Wood


  • High-quality performance
  • It’s Affordable
  • It has a large carving blade


  • Wide grip may not be comfortable for all users
  • Edge may not be optimal (must sharpen it first)

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6. Ruipunuosi 3PCS Wood Carving Tools Set

The Ruipunuosi wood carving tool set consists of a sloyd knife, detail cutters, and a hook knife. Each of the tools has a specific function.

For smooth and finer woodcutting, the detail cutter will allow you to do this. This is to ensure that you arrive at a perfect finishing.

If you ever need to create a hollow in items such as cups, spoons, or bowls, the hook knife will come in handy as it allows you to create a perfect round edge(s). It comes with an advanced handle that offers you a firm grip on it.

The sloyd knife is used for cutting wood. It can also be used when for rough applications. it features a finger grip which allows you to have a worthy experience while you engrave.

Beginners are expected to be very careful with the handling of these tools and are known to have sharp edges. Always endeavor to apply your wrists when handling the curved knife instead of your elbow.

Every item in this set comes with an ergonomic handle. This is important for a firm and comfortable grip while using.


  • Brand: Ruipunuosi
  • Handle: wood
  • Content: 3 pcs


  • It is of high quality
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It cuts smoothly


  • Due to its sharp edge, users are likely prone to acquire sharp cuts

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Buying Guide

It’s not enough to know the best spoon carving knife. It’s also important that you understand some of the necessary factors to look out for before choosing one. We’ve highlighted some of them below:

The Quality

This indeed the first and the most important factor to look out for. It’s necessary that as a buyer, you develop the habit of looking past the physical features and focus on the quality of what you are about to buy.

The blades, the handles, and the rest of the features deserve that you pay them a closer look.

The Type of Tool

This factor is especially for beginners. There are basic spoon carving knife tools that you need to get and if you aren’t careful, you will end up buying what you do not need.

Some of the most important tools to buy include: a sloyd knife, hook knife, gouge, chisel, and chip-carving knife.

Quality of the Blades

The smoothness and finesse of your cut depends on the quality of blades. As such, you should only seek blades with sharp edges. Ensure that they are properly sharpened to avoid making regrettable decisions


You don’t want to buy a set of tools that won’t last for a reasonably long period of time. Always endeavor to check out previous reviews of the tool you are about to purchase.


If you got to this point, it means that you have seen the best spoon carving knives to get as well as what to look out for when getting them. It’s safe to say that your next wood carving tool shopping will be a bliss as you won’t have reasons to make mistakes anymore!

Purchasing a knife for spoon carving always looks easy, especially because the internet will always be there to give adequate directions. However, it can become highly taxing when it’s time for you to choose which is the best. Hopefully this guide has helped you sift through the catalog!