6 Best Tape Measure for Woodworking

6 Best Tape Measure for Woodworking

If you are looking for the best tape measure for woodworking then you are in the right place. This guide provides you with 6 best measuring tapes for any kind of work at all.

Best Tape Measure for Woodworking

These tapes have all the features that you could possibly want and they are also widely used by professional contractors.

Here are the top measuring tapes for your woodworking:

1. FastCap PSSR25 25 foot Lefty/Righty Measuring Tape

It is one thing to get accurate readings on your measuring tape, and it is another thing to have writing material close at hand to easily document all your readings without the fear of losing your measurements.

The FastCap solves this need by providing a 25-foot lefty/righty measuring tape that comes with an erasable mini writing pad that you will find most useful when you are taking emergency measurements with no writing material anywhere in sight.

One special feature that this measuring tape has, is how it functions perfectly for people who may be either right or left-handed. The built-in fast pad for taking notes is conveniently attached to the side of the measuring tape and can be erased to accommodate new writing.

Here is a recap of the unique features of FastCap PSSR25:

  • Easy to erase notepad
  • Protective rubber boot
  • Convenient built-in pencil sharpener
  • 25’ standard right/left rule
  • Easy to read fractions


  • Manufacturer – Fastcap
  • Weight – 10.4 ounces
  • Model number – PSSR25
  • Dimensions – 4.35×5.55×2.15 inches
  • Material – Metal/plastic


  • Convenient for documentation
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • No warranty

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2. Mulwark 26ft Measuring Tape Measuring by Imperial Inch Metric Scale with Both-side Metal Blade, Magnetic Tip Hook and Shock Absorbent Case-for Construction, Contractor, Carpenter, Architect, Woodworking

The 26ft Mulwark Measuring Tape is one of the most versatile you can get. It is portable and durable. The retractable tape holds a ruler that is 8m long, 0.15mm thick, and 25mm wide. This design comes with some pretty neat features such as impact resistance, rust-resistance, it horizontally stands out at 7ft and vertically at 13ft without collapsing, and it is chemical/odor free.

The magnetic tip hook is an innovative feature that certainly gives this measuring tape an edge. The metallic measuring tape has powerful magnetic tips that can stick to any metallic material to improve the stability of the hook, which is useful when measuring long distances.

The magnets are also strong enough to pick up small metals, which make it the first choice for architects, engineers, and others.

Some measuring tapes can only take metric measurements on one side of the tape but this one has them on both sides of the tape. Uncertainties are easily controlled, and the magnetic hook can adjust its thickness to allow space for inside measurements.

The comfy rubber exterior of the measuring tape makes it comfortable to hold.

Mulwark offers a lifetime warranty for their product for as long as you use them. This entitles you to a replacement with the original purchase receipt at any time you want. Mulwark 26ft measuring tape is a reliable companion in any project.


  • Manufacturer – Mulwark
  • Weight – 14.4 ounces
  • Dimensions – 5×4.3×2 inches
  • Material – ABS, metal
  • Part number – MLK-53752


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient magnet for stability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Ergonomic rubber exterior
  • Convenient double-sided measuring
  • Rubber straps for easy carriage


  • No color variety

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3. Measuring Tape Measure by Kutir – EASY TO READ 25 Foot BOTH SIDE DUAL RULER, Retractable, Sturdy, Heavy Duty, MAGNETIC HOOK, Metric, Inches and Imperial Measurement, SHOCK ABSORBENT Solid Rubber Case

Do you do most of your work alone and need an edge to make your work easier? Here is a measuring tape that will take the burden off you. Kutir tape comes with powerful magnetic hooks that quickly latch on to metallic surfaces, allowing you to measure long distances without an assistant to hold the other end of the tape.

The metrics are boldly written, easy to read for those who may have visual challenges. The retractable heavy duty and shock absorbent tape is exactly what you need as the sturdy tape maintains its structural integrity no matter the fall.

The rubberized material makes it comfortable to hold and work with for long hours.

It is 25ft long tape (0.15mm thick) and stands at 7 ft. It is suitable for designers, interior decorators, woodworkers, architects, handymen, and others.

You can save more on the purchase of 2 or more measuring tapes. Get a set of measuring tapes for your construction team or as gifts for your loved ones and save big!


  • Manufacturer – Kutir
  • Part number – KUTIR 56-7525
  • Weight – 14.1 ounces
  • Product dimensions – 3.15×1.77×3.15 inches
  • Size – 7.5 M/25 Foot
  • Color – black, yellow
  • Blade length – 25 feet
  • Special feature – Magnetic hook


  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Magnetic hook for convenience
  • Great retention and returns smoothly
  • Convenient front and back ruler


  • A bit pricey

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4. Mulwark 16ft Digital Tape Measure, Large LCD Digital Display with Backlight, Feet/Inch/Metric Unit Conversion, Centerline Calculation, Inside/Outside Measurement| Measuring Tape for Construction

You may have used measuring tapes for years and you have probably had to estimate the values of your measurements by yourself, this can sometimes lead to small errors due to oversight.

This can be a real problem when there is an absolute need for perfection and every inch, centimeter, or millimeter counts. What you need is a measuring tape that does the math for you.

When you take a measurement, this digital measuring tape displays the value on a small screen. The easy to read digital tape does the calculation for you and displays the value in whatever measuring system you prefer: inches, feet, or yards. You no longer have to do that long conversion math yourself! It is fast, easy, and convenient.

The digital tape is perfect for hot or smoky areas with poor visibility. It measures in bad lighting conditions and displays the result on a small screen with a bright LCD backlight display. The background light comes on when the measuring tape is in use, and when it isn’t in use, the auto on and off feature conserves energy by switching the LCD display automatically.

The digital tape is efficient for measuring from heights and has a convenient inside and outside measuring switch. However, there are certain precautions that should be taken when using this tape, they are as follows:

  • Do not pull the tape to its full length to avoid jamming
  • Do not drop the tape as it may damage its electronic components
  • The measuring blade should be extended slowly for accuracy and improvement of self-calibration


  • Manufacturer – Mulwark
  • Part number – MLK-53774
  • Weight – 12.6 ounces
  • Dimensions – 6.73×4.69×1.89 inches
  • Size – compact and heavy duty
  • Type of bulb – LED
  • Power source – battery powered
  • Color – black and blue
  • Battery – CR245


  • LED lights for visibility
  • Digital measuring for convenience
  • Can be used to measure in the dark
  • Easy to use


  • Extra care required because of its digital components

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5. Crescent Lufkin ¼” x 6” Executive Diameter Yellow Clad A19 Blade Pocket Tape Measure – W606PD

The crescent Lufkin is designed specifically for measuring diameters of objects such as tires, pipes, cables, and others. The measuring tape features a double-sided blade print for conversion from diameter to circumference.

The graduations are bold and easy to read. The pocket-sized tape has a chrome metal case that protects it from damage.

This slim, easy to carry, measuring tape is one of a kind and makes a perfect addition to your construction or woodwork tools.


  • Manufacturer – Cooper Hand Tools
  • Part number – W606PD
  • Weight – 1.44 ounces
  • Dimension – 2.51×1.85×0.5 inches
  • Material – metal
  • Shape – circular
  • Warranty – standard limited lifetime


  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • Double-sided print for easy conversion from diameter to circumference


  • May be challenging for long-distance measurements

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6. Lufkin TAPE, 1”x25’, QUICKREAD, HI-VIZ ORANGE PQR1425N Measuring & Layout Tapes

The Quickread lives up to its reputation with its vertical numbering and fractional and decimal equivalents, which makes it easy to calculate measurements.

It reads in feet and inches.

The pivot lock helps to secure the tape when not in use. Its exterior rubber grip makes the measuring tape easy to handle. The Quickread is a simple and efficient measuring tape that serves all your measuring needs.


  • Manufacturers – Lufkin
  • Weight – 15 ounces
  • Size – 1”x25”
  • Measuring system – metrics
  • Part number – PQR1425N
  • Style – 25 foot Quickread
  • Color – Hi-Viz Orange


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic grip
  • portable


  • A bit pricey

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Buyers Guide

Measuring tapes are largely used in many industries (obviously) because of the need to measure objects and get specific metrics to work with.

Finding the best measuring tapes for your woodwork seems easy when you have these basics in mind, or is it? There’s more to measuring tapes than meets the eye and you have to be a field professional to know precisely which tapes are best for your work.

The use of a measuring tape is inexhaustible and with the innovativeness of modern measuring tapes, there is a demand to secure the best tape measure for woodworking.

When it comes to woodworking you literally cannot work without taking measurements: it’s impossible!

Tapes Vs Rulers: Which Is Best

It is easy to stretch tape or a ruler on a flat surface when taking a measurement until you realize that both tools have a few limitations. The ruler is rigid, sturdy, and often made of wood, metal, or plastic. You are very unlikely to get a wrong measurement or an oversight while using a ruler, but the problem is that its length is limited.

Some rulers come in 12 inches/30 cm while others are set to 18 inches/46cm and so on. A ruler is almost never as long as a measuring tape and will take a far longer period of time to complete a long measuring task.

Measuring tapes are used for extremely long measurements. The tapes used by professional construction or woodworkers are cased and its length may range between 25 feet to as much as 500 feet.

Another limitation of the ruler is the ability to measure the diameter of objects of various shapes. A measuring tape fares better because of its flexibility in measuring objects of all shapes and sizes.

Features to Look Out for in a Measuring Tape

There are pretty basic features to look out for when choosing the best tape measure for woodworking or construction. Firstly, the imperial and metric measurements (such as inches, feet, centimeters, and millimeters) are the most essential considerations.

Some tapes may have a red bar for other advanced forms of measurement.

You may have a few questions about certain features on measuring tapes such as:

Why is the blade at the tip of a measuring tape curved? 

The concaveness of the metal blade at the end of the measuring tape is meant to keep the tape rigid and firm when extended. Without the concave nature of the blade, the measuring tape would become lax and difficult to use while measuring very long objects.

What is the use of the black diamond that appears after every 19-3/16 inches?

This feature is relevant to woodworking and construction in the measurement of I-beam (timbers). Some manufacturers substitute I-beam (timbers) for lumber floor joists.

Why is there a small opening at the end hook of some measuring tape?

You will likely find a small aperture at the end of the metal hook. The space is there to hold onto nails or screws.

Similarly, if you are measuring a flat surface and there is no one to hold the start of the measuring tape, all you need is a nail and a hammer to insert the nail through the hole for balance so that you can accurately measure the object.


These are our best choice for measuring tapes for all kinds of projects in no particular order. Your choice may depend on your specific needs and nature of your work. If you are in need of the absolute best-measuring tapes that would not only provide the basics but would also give you an edge, making your work even easier, then these are your best bets.