Best Wood Burning Pen

Best Wood Burning Pen: Guide and Reviews

No one knows better than a pyrographer how important it is to get the right wood burning kit that, through its versatility, brings out a more intricate and detailed piece. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the right equipment is what you need to make your project a success.

6 Best Wood Burning Pen

We bring you the best wood burning pens on the market that are durable, versatile, safe, and sport an ergonomic design. These tools have won the trust of the users before making it to our list of the best wood burning pens.

1. ATPWONZ 37Pcs Wood Burning Kit

The 37 pieces ATPWONZ wood burning extensive kit has all the essentials to carve out the most striking designs. You get to brush up your skills with the various artistic jobs that the kit allows to prepare an impressive artwork every time.

You can work on both leather and wood for image transferring, welding, textile embossing, and a lot more. The kit facilitates this with its efficient contents that aptly heat up due to the inner ceramic technology they are embedded with. The kit comes with energy saving technology and a protective covering that makes the kit durable.

The temperature adjuster gives you more control over the kit. You can set the temperature between 200 and 450, which grants you better control over the device as well the project you are handling.

The kit is suitable for use for every skill level, whether you are a beginner or a professional.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Can be operated at different angles
  • Temperature control mechanism
  • Heats up within seconds


  • Average construction
  • No instructions included

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2. 71PCS Wood Burning Kit by GVDOR

This is a complete kit for carving out any design on wood and leather. The 54 tip unique set allows carving, burning, soldering, embossing, and all you want to give your workpiece a stunning look. You get all you need for carving in one kit at an affordable price.

The inner-heated ceramic technology saves time and energy with a rapid heating mechanism so you can start your work immediately. Your three in one tool will fulfil all your work requirements so that you don’t have to spend your money on buying any extra tools or tips.

The ergonomic design of the pen enables you to carve out amazing designs easily. The heat resistant protective cover saves your hand during long hours of use. All the handcraft enthusiasts will love the lightweight pen that has unique tips and features up its sleeves.


  • Lightweight
  • Heat protective coating
  • Energy saving
  • 54 tips


  • The tip cools off

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3. Wood Burning Kit by HANDSKIT

Here is one of the safest options for you to master the art. The insulation sleeve device on the pen’s handle protects it from the heat, enabling you to use the pen for longer without burning your hand. There is an on/off switch on the pen as well, so you can handle the operation of the pen accordingly.

The 45 pieces that come in the pyrography kit cover all the designs that you might need to carve or burn onto the workpiece. The extensive kit has a range of tips, blades, knives, holders, and so on. They can be used on different materials such as wood, leather, cork, and more. The equipment is fitting for people of all skill levels.

Although you need to be careful not to exert pressure on the pen while using it, it comes with a protective covering that saves you from any unfortunate situations. The fast heating mechanism saves time and energy. You can adjust the temperature of the pen for greater control.


  • Safe to use
  • Internal heating mechanism
  • Tips easy to install
  • Indicator light


  • Needs to be cooled off

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4. SE Wood Burning Pen – WP30

The well-balanced and reliable wood burning set offered by SE is an excellent choice for your wood crafting projects. The included accessories help you in drawing out detailed designs on the workpiece.

It has 10 wood burning tips, 10 soldering tips, 5 shaped tips, stencils, a knife, and an ergonomic construction that helps a great deal.

The use of high-end materials in the making of the pen has made it durable and comfortable use. To further facilitate your process while operating the pen, there is a long cable attached that helps when working at different angles

The instant heating system helps to save energy too.

To protect you from the heated tip while you work with it, the pen has a heat-resistant layer that keeps the pen cool enough for you to handle it comfortably while you work.


  • Well-balanced
  • Energy-saving
  • Includes heat-resistant layer
  • Long cable attached


  • Tips need to be tightened frequently

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5. Chironal 28pc Wood Burning Pen

This 28 piece wood burning kit by Chironal is a versatile kit that enables you to perform various tasks on both wood and leather. The wide range of accessories enables you to unleash your creativity fully without the unavailability of the right gear hindering your work.

The 30W electric iron carves, embosses, and solders wood or metal like a knife through butter, bringing out beautiful patterns that change the look of the workpiece substantially.

The tips are easy to install and use without any complicated assembly.

The energy-efficient tool heats up quickly and effectively to help you get started with the work without wasting any time. The protective and safe construction of the pen makes it safe for you to use the kit comfortably.


  • 28 piece kit
  • Can be used of wood and metal
  • Easy to handle
  • Safe to use


  • Few accessories compared to other kits of the same price

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6. Father’s Day Wood Tool by WLLP

The ergonomic design of the pen gives you the liberty to use the pen at different angles without any constraint. The light weight of the pen makes it easy for you to operate the pen as you please, enabling you to carve out intricate designs without much effort.

It is a highly portable device that comes with a storage bag for safekeeping. You can use the kit for work on leather and wood. The tool allows you to emboss, solder, cut, weld, or transfer images on the workpiece.

The high-temperature protective case keeps you safe from accidents. Since the work generates a lot of heat, you need to have maximum protection to prevent the burning of your hands or any other unfortunate occurrence.


  • Easy to store and carry
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-temperature protective casing
  • Easy operation


  • The tip needs cooling off

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Buying Guide for the Best Wood Burning Pen

The unending amount of items on the market are enough to confuse anyone. However, only with the correct knowledge of wood burning pens, are you able to make a sound choice. Therefore, the guide penned below explains all the details and gives you insight into buying the best product for yourself that is easy to use and is durable.

Heat Control

The pen you purchase should have variable temperature control to allow you to adjust it according to the project requirement. You can experiment with different woods with a pen that has an adjustable temperature. It adds greater versatility to your work.

Pens that have adjustable temperatures have fine tips that help with intricate designs. The precise detail that the finer tips bring about achieves rewarding results for the user. They also have shorter heating and cooling times, and smaller handles for easy handling.


The construct of the pen determines how well your workpiece will turn out. A pen that looks promising gives you detailed brush strokes with multiple tips that offer flexibility and more refined lines.


The most essential of all is, of course, the performance of the pyrography pen. The right pen for you will augment your performance and should feel comfortable in your hand. It must heat up fast as well as cool down when you need to change the tips.

Don’t be fooled by the greater power capacity of the pen. Since, even though the higher power will cause the pen to heat up fast, there is an equal chance of the pen burning the material you are using it on. It should have the right cooling and heating balance.


The grip of the handle will let you know whether the knife is comfortable for you to use or not. If you can hold the knife for hours without your fingers getting fatigued. It is a time-intensive art that requires tools that are both functional and comfortable to hold.


Some of the tools come with fixed tips that enable faster heating and bring consistency in the designs. Others come with polished tips that help in attaining more refined and delicate lines. The fixed tips pens are more handy and are great for precision on rough textures.

Different tips serve different purposes. You have a range of options consisting of non-polished, polished, interchangeable, and fixed tips.

Before whipping out your wallet, make sure you buy yourself a pen that has interchangeable tips so you can showcase your creativity. The interchangeable tips bring out more perfection in your work.


There is a wrongly held belief when it comes to power. People assume that higher power means strength and better performance. However, this is not true. The right balance is what makes the right pen. The power only helps in heating up the pen faster and getting done with the task quickly.

Keep a range of pens with you or buy pens with adjustable temperatures.


The wood burning kit comes along with accessories such as colored pencils, booklets, stencils, and other tools to make pyrography easy for you. The instructions that come along with the kit helps beginners to make their pyrography journey easier.


Wood burning tools come in a range of prices. The kits for beginners start at lower prices. However, the ones that come for professionals can go for as much as $200 and beyond. The cheaper ones tend to have mediocre performance with less precision as the costly ones provide.

The more expensive tools are of high quality and function for a long time. The advanced features help you create masterpieces.

Heat Protection

The process of wood burning takes place between 750 to 1,500 degrees. Once you plug in the device, it starts to heat up immediately. Your wood burning pen must have enough insulation material to provide you with a grip on the handle without burning your hand.

There must be an accompanying stand for the pen. It ensures that the pen doesn’t burn things while lying around.


You wouldn’t want your artistic spirit to be dashed with the use of tools that do not have rewarding results. Therefore, you need to set yourself a perfect pyrography gear to hone your skills and fashion out a piece that gets eyes popping.

The fun and gratifying art should be enjoyed at every stage. To save you from the irritation that non-functional tools cause, try out the best ones we have gathered here for you to benefit from.

The products above set the bar high for your potential pick. You can choose any one of the above products but in case you buy a product not mentioned here, be mindful of the guide to get the best possible value for your money.