Complete GuideThe 6 Best Wood Clamps

6 Of The Best Wood Clamps

Trying to build something without a proper set of wood clamps is like trying to skate uphill. You will eventually get where you want to go, but only after a lot of unnecessary extra work. At first, it might seem pointless to waste money on a tool that one can easily create a makeshift version at home.

However, it is important to have a proper set of wood clamps. Not only will you be sparing numerous household objects from an eternity of being used to press wood together, but it will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to buy new sets of shoelaces every time you have to build something.

That is why we have decided to scour the internet for the best wood clamps available online. We have found several that can get the job done and won’t be too expensive.

Best Wood Claps Around

In this buying guide, we will present you with six different wood clamps, some more heavy duty than others, but the point is that you use this as your guide to choosing the one you need. Here is the collection of the best wood claps available right now.


The IRWIN QUICK-Grip bar clamp is a 24-inch one-handed clamp/spreader. What does this mean exactly? Well, it has an easy pistol-like grip design that allows for quick one-handed releasing in case you don’t have both of your hands available at the moment of the clamping.

The clamps provided about 300 pounds of evenly distributed force to ensure proper clamping for your home projects. As mentioned before, the IRWIN QUICK-GRIP comes with a 24-inch bar that prevents flexing and bowing, thus ensuring that whatever you are clamping down stays clamped.

Geared explicitly towards large to medium projects, this clamp will tighten the wood that you need and spread whatever object you need. A simple switch of the screw at the end of the clamp will allow you to spread a little more than the 24 inches of the main bar.

Although it is important to highlight that the swivel jaws are completely removable, although once they’re out, try not to lose them.

This specific clamp’s best features are its easy-grip that allows for single-handed grip and release, which is useful for solo projects.


    • Weight – 1.85 pounds
    • Size – 24 Inches
    • Material – Resin
    • Color – Blue
    • Measurement system – Inches
    • Style – Regular Clamp
    • Included Components – IRWIN QUICK-GRIP One-Handed Bar Clamp/Spreader SL300, 24″, 524QCN


  • Can switch from camper to Spreader with the switch of a button.
  • It features a unique pistol grip, allowing for a comfortable grip.
  • Removable swivel jaws.
  • I-beam bar reduces bending and flexing.
  • 300 pounds of sustained clamping pressure.


  • It can only spread little over 24 inches.
  • This clamp has no other accessories available.
  • The handle tends to jam under heavy pressure.
  • Some parts can be difficult to replace if lost.
  • Resin can shatter if not stored properly.

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2. WORKPRO Steel Spring Clamp Set

Now time for something different, instead of a single big clamp, this is the WORKPRO Steel spring clamp set, which brings 15 clamps of 9 millimeters and five clamps of 25 millimeters, for a total of 20 steel spring clamps. These are ideals for securing smaller projects where the larger clamps would never fit.

Even though they are small, that does not mean that they are flimsy and easy to break. On the contrary, their compact and tough, durable design means that these small clamps have high grip strength. This might be surprising considering their small jaw size.

Since these are made for smaller projects, it is only natural that they have a non-marking PVC coating tip and handle to ensure a no-slip surface. Otherwise, they might just go all over the place. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be a problem since the clamps are covered in zinc to protect the metal from corroding and rusting.

The main issue would be the clamp’s strength in relation to their small size, which makes it hard to open them fully.

Small and reliable, the WORKPRO Steel Spring Clamp Set is perfect for smaller projects where it would be overkill to use a big clamp, and since the set brings to different sizes, it allows for even more uses since the smaller ones can be used in places where the bigger ones can’t fit.


  • Weight – 1.3 pounds
  • Size – 20 Pieces (15 of 9 millimeter and 5 of 25milimeters)
  • Material – Steel
  • Included Components – 20 clamps


  • Zinc coating makes it resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • PVC coating helps get a firm grip on the clamps.
  • Very high clamping power.
  • The two different sizes allow for multiples uses on different projects.
  • Can withstand harsh conditions thanks to its special coating.


  • The high clamping power can make it difficult to open.
  • The smaller clamps can be tough to handle.
  • Easy to lose due to their size.
  • The PVC coating can sometimes slip off.
  • Won’t open as wide without a tremendous amount of force.

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3. The Bora 24″ Parallel Clamp

However, another 24-inch clamp is where the similarities between the Bora clamp and the IRWING Quick-grip end.

With a special anti-slip bottom jaw and an easy-grip handle, the Bora clamp is much better suited for its purpose: to clamp down and never let go.

The clamp only has a 3.5-inch deep throat, but it makes up for that small amount of clamping space by having a padded surface that won’t damage your material. The padding also helps creates the perfect amount of padding pressure, with the Bora Parallel Clamp providing 1,100 pounds of pressure.

Focused mainly on woodworking projects, the Bora Parallel Clamp will be one of the best wood clamps out there, especially if you want rock-solid stability in your projects. This incredibly versatile tool will ensure that you manage to bring out the best of your projects.

It is important to note the easy gripping handle that is under its passive bottom jaw. The handle allows for a better and firmer grip allowing you to clamp down on your projects properly.


  • Weight – 5.75 pounds
  • Size – 12 inches, 24 inches, 31 inches, 40 inches, and 50 inches.
  • Measurement system – Metric
  • Included Components – 24″ Parallel Clamp


  • The padded bottom jaw helps keep the pressure without damaging the object.
  • Its gripping handle allows for a better clamp on objects.
  • Perfect pressure not too tight and not too loose.
  • Comes in multiple sizes, good for any project.
  • Sturdy grip designed for wood works.


  • Movement of the clamp head is not smooth.
  • The clamp head tends to get jammed to the side.
  • The clamp only has a 3.5 inch deep throat.
  • If not cared for properly the clamp will get stuck.
  • The bottom of clamp gets easily worn off.

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4. Jorgensen 6 inch Spreader/Bar Clamp Set

The Jorgensen 6-inch spreader/Bar clamp set sounds exactly like what you get. When you order, you receive four light-duty E-Z hold clamps, each individual bar can work as their own clamp, or you can connect to of them and create a heavy-duty clamp.

The single clamps can be used single-handed, hence the E-Z name, making it ideal for home or simple DIY projects. Each individual clamp can lift about 150 pounds, and together they can lift up to 300 pounds.

Each clamp contains a soft and durable plastic pad to ensure that whatever object you use it on is protected from damage. With a throat depth of 8-inches from bar to the top of the pad and a Maximum opening capacity of 6-inches, these clamps will come in handy on more than one occasion, especially when you need a heavy load.

Finally, the clamps can also work as a spreader, helping spread whatever material you need, and with its comfortable grip, you will have no problem starting and finishing those home projects that you keep pushing back because you don’t have the right tools.


  • Weight – 3.26 pounds
  • Size – 6 Inches
  • Style – Clamp
  • Included Components – Clamp


  • Can switch from camper to Spreader with the switch of a button.
  • It features a comfortable E-Z grip.
  • Can lift 150 pounds individually and 300 pounds when joined.
  • Single one hand use
  • Can be joined for bigger projects.


  • The plastic pad does not ensure protection.
  • Not as durable as the other clamps
  • If not taken care of properly they can lose their clamp power.
  • Locking mechanism can fail if not closed properly
  • Trigger mechanism fails if not stored properly

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5. JORGENSEN 3706-HD Heavy Duty Steel Bar Clamp

Another clamp made by JORGENSEN only difference is that this one is made to be heavy-duty. This steel bar doesn’t have a very wide capacity with only 6 inches and a maximum reach of 3 inches.

Although what it lacks in range, it makes up for it with strength. Made with carbon steel, this clamp is durable, a rust-resistant bar of steel covered in protective pads made of thick, durable plastic, granting it a 1,000 pound limit. It also has a multiple disc clutch that allows the clamp’s head to easily glide from it’s locked to unlocked position.

Its heavy-duty aspect makes it perfect for those attempting to build their own wood workshop in your home. It can be used by both professionals and newbies attempting to enter the world of woodworking.


  • Weight – 2.4 pounds
  • Size – 6-Inch
  • Material – Protective pads made of thick, durable plastic
  • Color – Orange


  • Thick and durable.
  • Multiple disc clutch.
  • Suitable for close quartered clamping
  • Easy to open and close.
  • 1,000 pound limit.


  • More expensive than the average clamp.
  • Heavier than most clamps.
  • Small pieces of the clamp come off.
  • Small mouth won’t be enough for bigger projects.
  • Can be a bit unruly while attempting to use it.

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6. TEKTON 24-Inch x 2-1/2-Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp and 30-Inch Spreader

The TEKTON 24-Inch is a double threat, both a clamp and a spreader, not to mention that it has a trigger operated ratchet that applies precise and consistent pressure where needed. To release, simply press the quick-release button and the jaw will freely slide to any position.

The jaw itself is assembled by strong reinforced nylon that includes soft pads that grip any workpiece while protecting its surface from any damage. It applies precise, consistent pressure to hold workpieces together for gluing or assembly.

To convert from the clamp to the spreader, simply place the fixed jaw piece on the bar’s opposite end. It has a 24 Inch clamping capability and can spread at around 30 inches.

This clamp is perfect for carpentry, cabinetry, and furniture projects.


  • Weight – 2 pounds
  • Size – 24 inches
  • Included Components – (1) TEKTON 24 Inch Ratchet Bar Clamp / 30 Inch Spreader | 39184


  • The clamps can stay clamped for up to 24 hours.
  • Easy to use.
  • Soft pads manage to firmly hold the object without damaging it.
  • Works well on small projects.
  • Surprisingly heavy duty on occasions.


  • The trigger can get jammed easily.
  • Plastic casing can easily fall apart.
  • Release button can get jammed occasionally.
  • Using them too coarsely can wear out the plastic.
  • Handle can easily snap.

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Basically, the wood clamp that you need is dependent on what exactly you need the clamp for. If you need it for some heavy-duty work, then you need to use the JORGENSEN 37006-HD Heavy Duty clamp. If you want something small to be used for smaller projects, the WORKPRO Steel Spring Clamp Set is your best bet. Either way, make sure to order the one that is right for you.