What is the Best Online Place to Get Template and Layout Ideas for Wood Burning or Painting

What is the Best Online Place to Get Template and Layout Ideas for Wood Burning or Painting?

A lot of times, we tend to run out of ideas to truly express our individuality — at the end of the day, we’re just human beings.

While everyone wants to really use art as an opportunity to exhibit their personalities, we sometimes need help from others to even discover our creative selves.

If you are with us on this — it’s safe to assume that you have newly developed your wood burning and wood painting skills and need an outlet to help you showcase your skills. We are here to help you out with that, your worries are our worries now!

Through this guide, our aim is to link you to all the online places and websites with which could potentially help you discover new ideas. Through these places, you can truly give yourself a chance to display your new wood art.

Whether it’s pokerwork or painting, wood art is an amazing activity to take up as a pastime, and you will only want to continue developing your expertise if your initial experiences are worthy.

To make sure your starting works turn out great, and you progress in the right direction with the right speed, we looked up a number of online websites to aid you through your process.

We will be covering those today. So, let’s not drag any further and get to the point!

What is the Best Online Place to Get Template and Layout Ideas for Wood Burning or Painting

What is Wood Burning Art and Wood Painting?

Wood burning art — more commonly known as pokerwork or pyrography — is a form of wood art that uses hot metallic tools to poke and engrave intricate patterns into the wood.

The impact is an engraved pattern in whatever design you chose to go with. The designs have a dark colored natural stain which results from the burning of wood.

Wood burning is actually widely liked because of this dark color. For the same reason, people also go with light colored woods when wood burning is involved, so that the stains are clearly visible.

Another reason why lighter woods are preferred is because lighter grains are easier to work on, as they burn quite easily, giving us smooth and clean art patterns.

On the other hand, wood painting — quite literally — involves the painting over of wood to either give a new, artificial color to your old wooden furniture, floors, doors, and so on, or to make certain patterns on the same items as well as ornaments.

Wood has a surface that accepts most forms of paint, whether they’re water based, latex paints, or oil based paints. The only trick is to apply a primer before painting over.

Primers are basically an extra layer between the paint and wood that give the wood higher durability and offer paints better adherence to the wood. So, it basically enhances the lifespan of your wooden items – whichever is involved in the project.

Why are Wood Burning and Wood Painting So Popular?

Both wood painting and wood burning arts are extremely popular. People don’t just engage in them to expand professionally, etc., but also as a fun, safe activity to spend their time in.

Today, these two art forms are immensely admired because they help us customise our furniture, floors, ornaments, etc., exactly the way we want them to be.

Wood burning is used when we want to not only engrave prints, but also give them a darker stain. For this reason, some people even like pokerworking on their carved wood.

As far as painting is concerned, it is usually employed to get a desired color for wood, that isn’t its natural color. For example, people might use light colored soft woods to carve on their designs for their durability, and then paint them over with a darker brown to match their room’s theme.

Basically, both of these arts allow us to personalise our belongings the way we like them to be, while making sure that the quality of wood is never compromised. Because now we can use the best woods, no matter what they look like, and then change their appearance!

If you have recently started one of these activities, this article is here to guide you throughout the designing process.

Our Favourite Online Place to Get Template and Layout Ideas for Wood Burning or Painting!

We know it’s not always an easy job to find the right place for yourself that would truly express the art form that you personally prefer for yourself.

For that reason, we looked up the best websites on the internet that you would surely love.

Dribbble.com — This webpage displays a number of layouts that different people have uploaded to showcase their pyrography work. You can look up different ideas and use some for yourself if they suit your style and personality!

Amazon.com— You can buy a number of stencils from Amazon.com that will assist you in your wood burning process.

This is a good choice for people who still don’t trust their hand movements completely and need the added help to make sure that the patterns come out both sharp and clean!

As these are stencils, they can also be used to paint the wood without the danger of messing things up.

Woodburning101.com— For anyone who wants to design their own intricate patterns for pokerwork but can’t keep a track of the measurements, this is for you!

They offer you free printable templates of different sizes so you can come up with your own creative patterns to practically use. They also help you understand how blank templates really work.

Artskills.com— Artskills offers the best assistance that a beginner requires. It basically helps you correctly trace different patterns for your use during wood burning projects.

Etsy.com— Here you can find a number of beautiful stencils that can be used for your wood painting projects.

With the number of available options, you can easily find the right choice for yourself to purchase.

Boardandbrush.com— This website offers you a number of great designs that you can use with a little hint of your own creativity!

This is the right pick for you if you trust your artistic skills and can go without the added help of a stencil.

Homebnc.com— HomeBNC also displays a good number of different painting ideas. They have a bunch of very popular designs that are commonly employed by people to paint their wood.

Familyhandyman.com— When it comes to Family Handyman, their aim is to give you the right ideas regarding painting your furniture.

Their focus isn’t small paintings or decorative ornaments, rather they focus on furniture customization.

What is the Best Online Place to Get Template and Layout Ideas for Wood Burning or Painting

With the help of this website, you can decide exactly what you want to do with your old furniture to make it good as new!

Other Tips

There are some important factors that highly need to be taken into consideration while choosing the right design for yourself,

For instance, it is always better to go with stencils and not just copy off designs free handedly because unless you’re an expert, a design template will save you from messing your masterpiece up.

However, if you do trust your hand completely and know for a fact that you can get the job done perfectly, that’s great news! You’re good to go without any extra help.

As far as stencils are concerned, remember that wood burning stencils can be used for wood paintings but the vice versa doesn’t work.

This is because pyrography stencils are usually made of metals so that the hot metal rod won’t destroy it. Since this doesn’t make a difference in painting, you can easily employ it for painting too.

But stencils that are sold for paints are usually made up of plastic or other less durable materials. On contact with the hot metal tool, the plastic would obviously melt!

We personally recommend that instead of using any stencil directly, you trace out the design with a carbon pencil first, and then trace the pencil marks on the wood with the right tools or brushes, whether it is pokerwork that you are doing or wood painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Paint Directly on the Surface of Wood?

This is not recommended because if paint is directly layered on the wood surface, it starts peeling off early.

In fact, raw wood also takes up more paint than required as it seeps into the deeper layers of wood instead of sticking to the surface.

So, to avoid such a mishap, you should be applying a layer of wood primer between the paint and the surface of wood.

Can I Paint Over Already Stained Wood?

Yes, you can.

Wood that has been artificially stained is quite easy to paint on. For extra measure though, prepare the wood by layering primer between the surface of wood and the paint to make sure that it sticks to it for a long period.

Can I Paint Over Burnt Wood?

Well, yes. But it’s a pretty long process.

When wood has been burnt through pokerwork or pyrography, the surface becomes marked with burns which do not let the paint penetrate enough to adhere to the surface of wood for a good time.

So, if you want your paint to last long, you should repair the wood by scraping off or gritting the burnt area with the help of a sandpaper, later layering it with a primer.

So What Exactly does a Wood Primer do?

The job of a wood primer is to increase the durability of paint work on wood.

It enhances the adherence of the paint on the wood surface so that the paint doesn’t come off easily and stays on the surface for a long time.

Remember that a wood primer isn’t a form of added protection, it’s in fact a necessity for the paint to stay.

Can I Use Just Any Primer for Any Paint?


For water based latex paints, a latex primer is to be used. Similarly, for oil based paints, an oil primer is to be used.

Can I Paint Over Pokerwork?


But as previously explained, the burnt surface will have to be sanded and then primed to be of practical use.

Because we want the paint to stay and not peel off every other day!

Then, Can I Also Practice Pokerwork Over an Already Painted Wood?


This is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be tried at any cost!

Paints contain a number of highly toxic materials that are highly flammable and are also very dangerous for your health even if accidentally inhaled in the smallest amount.

Therefore, always use raw wood to burn, so that no toxins are released in the process.


If you have reached the end of this guide, we are very positive that you have found the right online place for template and layout ideas that express your inner artist.

If you have measured hand movements, feel free to go pick a design and just copy it. If you don’t, no worries! Just use your favorite stencil and go for your chosen art style.

We completely support your new venture because we know how fun it is! It’s always fun to be able to customize your own items without the fear of unexpected results. It’s always better to design your products yourself as someone else might mess it up due to poor communication.

On that note, our article comes to its very end and we hope you have a great time showcasing your expertise in this new field, whether it’s pokerwork or painting!