Woodworking Projects For Kids

Woodworking Projects For Kids

Only a few things can compare with the joy and happiness that comes from completing projects with your kids. They learn to use their imagination as well as handle tools like adults. Woodworking projects have been identified as one of the very best projects you and your kids can do together.

The fun aspect of woodworking is that you can learn together. It is that easy. You simply need to get them interested, get the right materials, and get started. In this piece, we will take a look at some of the best woodworking projects for kids, the benefits of woodworking, and safety measures to be adhered to.

Benefits of Woodworking For Kids

While you may be surprised by the idea of kids making use of real tools to create wooden projects, the woodworking rich heritage dates back to antiquity. While this hobby declined over time, it is making a comeback. Unlike other projects, woodwork comes with this amazing feeling – the smell of wood, the use of real tools, the sound emanating from the tools, and the movement of hands while working. This feeling is undefeated.

Woodworking Projects For Kids

You’re probably thinking about the safety of your kids. Well, woodworking can be a low-risk activity for your child if basic safety measures are put in place. Woodworking offers your kids an array of benefits.

  • Engages them – It is ideal that your kids get to engage in an activity that is of low-risk and challenging. Why? This helps them make critical and important decisions when they find themselves in a challenging situation. In woodwork, your kids will need to make crucial project decisions immediately, in the process grooming them into better adults capable of making important life decisions on their own.
  • Develops their mind – While woodwork has oftentimes been referred to as an art, it is more than that. It is a broad phenomenon that encompasses various aspects of life from your critical thinking, mathematical thinking, creative design, etc.
  • Fosters teamwork – In today’s world where people are becoming increasingly disconnected from one another, woodwork may just be the right way to get your kids to communicate and form life-long friendships with kids in the neighborhood. This will instill in them the benefits of teamwork, caring for one another, and not leaving anyone behind.
  • Reduces smartphone usage – Although smartphones have changed how we do things, they do come with some risks. Regularly using your smartphone and other electronic gadgets is capable of causing eye fatigue, mild blindness, insomnia, stress, anxiety, etc. To keep your kids away from these electronic gadgets, woodworking projects may just be a perfect way. They get to design what they want, how they want it, and when they want to.
  • Promotes bonding – It is a perfect time to be closer to your kids.

Woodworking Projects for Kids

While we have shared some of the benefits for woodwork, it is only right that we share woodwork project ideas that your kids can try with or without your help. These project ideas are particularly easy.

Woodworking Projects For Kids

Wooden Catapult

I don’t think there’s anything that is capable of perfectly capturing the attention of kids like a toy that tosses things around the house. The wooden catapult is an ideal project idea for your kids. Aside from being a fine playing tool, this woodworking project will show that they can actually build a toy they can play with. This thought alone will encourage them to get to work.

This project is quite simple to start and can be easily modified. To get started, you simply need a plastic cup, rubber bands, dowels, and some balls.

Pencil Box

The idea behind this project is to let your kids do something they can actually make use of. This will encourage them to continue creating more. The pencil box has to be one of the easiest woodworking projects for kids, as it is incredibly easy to start and complete.

All they need is timber, nails, a hammer, and saw to chop the wood. While most kids have successfully created this, the problem is that most of these boxes cannot accommodate pencils because of wrong measurements. They will need to take a measurement of their pencil then use the exact measurement to create this project. It is that simple.

Bird House

No list of woodworking projects for kids would be complete without mentioning a birdhouse. Over the years, it has become one of the staple woodworking projects for kids. It has been described as an intermediate project that every kid at some point in their young life should complete.

Since kids generally love animals, especially flying ones like birds, a birdhouse could just be the perfect woodwork project they could start with. These birdhouses simply do not provide a living space for feathered animals but will help your kids apply critical thinking skills.

Kids Camping Tent

While this does not require much woodwork like the other project ideas mentioned here, it is still a fine way for kids to get a grasp of woodworking. Since it does not require much hard work, it is an ideal project idea for younger kids. They simply need to fasten wooden poles together alongside connecting fabric sheets and hold them together with strong ropes.

This project can be completed in less than 20 minutes. Currently, there are a ton of designs and styles you can opt for. To foster teamwork, you could ask them to invite their friends over to help complete the task.

One core feature of this project idea is that it saves you money. Ordinarily, you would have to buy a tent for your kids when they go on camping trips. With this woodwork project idea, you are able to save up extra cash for other important family needs.

Camp Tripod Chair

Like the camping tent, this is another amazing woodwork project that is beneficial and relatively easy to make. This collapsible tripod chair is a perfect project for older kids. Aside from teaching them how to work with wood, it helps them learn how to fasten leather.

While this is a pretty cheap project to start, it will take time and effort to complete. Also, depending on your choice of design and style, more time could be needed to work on the finishing.

Little Library

In the last couple of years, little libraries have popped up in almost every part of the world. These libraries do not only provide your kids the opportunity to use their imagination in the creation of something as beautiful as this, but instills in them the importance of sharing with others. To make this job a success, kids will have to follow instructions and put in the time and effort to ensure it comes out right.

As a supportive parent, you could have it registered once it is completed. This will ensure that everyone that’s willing can stop by to pick up a book or two or simply admire it. This is a fine way to indirectly teach your kids the benefits of sharing and giving back to the community. While building this is a good idea, you need to have your region’s climate in mind. If you live in an area or region that is prone to heavy rainfall, you could consider building a sealed roof to keep it dry all the time.

Robot Buddy

This is another excellent woodwork project idea kids can try out. Like some of the other ideas mentioned here, the wooden robot buddy is one project idea that kids can play with and in the process encouraging them to build more wooden toys for themselves.

Aside from being a fun woodwork project, it is one that is easy to make. Depending on the age and size of the child, the wooden toy buddy could be small in size or larger than regular toys. It is a simple project that your kids will simply have to use their imagination to build. You can also help them think of the style and shape of this project idea. This will help simplify the entire process and also be a perfect parent-child bonding time.

Kids’ Workbench

Basically, a workbench is a fine way of teaching kids that sometimes they will have to build things in order to build things. This woodworking project idea for kids is perfect for handy parents trying to help their kids learn woodworking. In addition to being a perfect bonding project, it will make kids feel like adults as they are able to accumulate their toys and keep them safe on this workbench.

Bee House

This is an excellent woodwork project for kids that are passionate about nature. While building a house for bees is just like any of the other project ideas mentioned here, it unconsciously instills in kids the desire to help preserve the environment as well as other life forces on it. One of the fascinating things about this bee house is that the type of bees it attracts sting rarely, making it safe for kids to be around them.

In terms of complexity, this project idea has been identified as one of the least complicated projects out there. To get started, you will need the right tools. If you’re a handy person, you could guide them as they set out to build this project. It is important that you remember that it should come with a roof to keep the bees safe from heavy rainfall. You can pick out a style from the internet for them to recreate.

Chopping Board

This has to be one of the easiest and simplest project ideas mentioned here. This chopping board is perfect for cutting up vegetables and fruits. This could be a fine way for kids to contribute to the home by building a chopping board that will be used in the kitchen.

To get started on this, they will need to get their hands on hardwood as it is more durable and stronger than the others. With the right tools, they will simply need to measure and cut accurately. They could finish the job by using sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges of the wood.

Woodworking Tools For Kids

While we have shared some of the easiest, most fascinating, and beautiful woodworking projects for kids, it is best that we highlight some of the best tools that can be used to get the job done.

Measuring Tape

Aside from being a safe tool for kids to make use of, a measuring tape is one of the most important woodworking tools anyone would need. As the name implies, this tape is used to take a measurement in the process ensuring that an accurate job is achieved.

It is also a fun tool to give your kids. Regardless of their age, a measuring tape will definitely catch their eye and it could be used to teach them numbers as well.

Block Plane

Block planes basically have been designed to cut translucent curls of wood at an angle of 21°. Being quite heavy and sometimes unsafe, it is important that you supervise your kids when they make use of it during their woodwork projects.

Aside from supervising them, it is equally important that you teach them how to properly make use of this tool to prevent damage of any sort.

Impact Driver

This is another important woodworking tool you need to get your kids. This tool offers your kids the opportunity to fasten and drill wood. Currently, there are different types of this tool available on the market, it is best that you settle for the smaller sized impact driver for your kids. This tool is particularly safe for kids, especially if they know how to make use of it.

Work Attire

Woodworking is a serious business and you should impart this knowledge onto them. To help them better understand the importance and seriousness of this work, it is advised that you get them the appropriate working attire.

The appropriate woodworking attire should come with a variety of pockets placed in strategic positions. This will enable them to complete projects faster as they are always with the tools. Overalls are advised. Encourage your kids to put on the appropriate working attire before they touch a piece of wood.


Being an important woodwork tool, a hammer is one of the top tools to get your kids. While there are a variety of hammer types, it is advised that you get your kids a light or small one, however, the one you opt for should be able to get the job done perfectly. You need them to enjoy doing this job, not detest it. Get them the best working tools for their job.

Encourage them to keep this tool safe as it is capable of causing minor and sometimes severe injury to people if not stored properly.

Woodworking Safety Tips For Kids

Although classified as a low-risk activity, woodworking can cause severe and minor injuries if safety measures are not followed. To prevent this from happening, you need to set down safety principles that must be adhered to before, during, and after each project.

Woodworking Projects For Kids

Wear eye protection

Dust from sandpaper, a stray nail, or a flying work tool can harm the eyes of your kids if they are not careful. To prevent this from happening, it is advised that they always wear eye protection.

This eye protection could simply be an eyeglass or something capable of shading their eyes from any harmful stray object. The eye protection you opt for should enable them to see properly.

Protect the hands and ears

Ear protection is also very important if you want your kids to stay safe. Depending on the type of project they may be building, they may need to hit the nails longer or use other electronic woodworking tools that make a lot of noise. To prevent them from suffering any ear complications, it is advised that you get them an ear protection kit.

For their hands, it is equally important that you get them gloves. These gloves should be able to cover their hands properly as they make use of the hammer, saw, chisel, and other important woodworking tools.

Start out with small tools

Until they are old enough to handle some of the more complex tools, it is important that you start them with smaller tools first. This also means that they will need to start with some of the simplest project ideas.

Fortunately, there are smaller versions of adult woodwork tools you can get right now for your kids. Aside from starting out with these tools, it is advised that you teach them the importance of storing these tools in a safe place after every project.

Supervise them

This safety measure cannot be overemphasized, it is important that you regularly supervise your kids until they are able to complete projects on their own. If your schedule does not permit, you may have someone supervise them as they work. The person to hire should be someone that has knowledge of woodwork.

For each tool you give them, it is your duty to show them how this tool is used, what it is used for, and why it is important to take good care of it. Since kids generally learn by example, you need to show them that these tools should be taken care of by taking care of yours (that’s if you are a handy person).

Dress appropriately

This does not just apply to your kids. As a parent, you need to lead by example. If you have a woodwork schedule, it is advised that you show up properly dressed. Wear good shoes, use gloves, get ear and eye protection kits, and wear fitting clothes that will allow you to move around as you work.

Your kids should also be dressed appropriately before they touch a piece of wood. As clearly mentioned earlier, woodworking is a serious business and should be taken seriously. Instill this in your kids and watch them master the art and science that is woodworking.

Keep first aid handy

While you do not plan for injuries, you need to expect the worst. Keeping a first aid kit handy is a sign that you really care about the life of your kids. If you can, it is important that you teach them how to administer first aid themselves. This is a life-long skill that will help them as they grow older

Maintain tools

Maintaining the tools is as important as owning them. It is your duty as a parent to teach them the importance of maintenance and how it impacts the work they do. Endeavor to clean up your tools after every workday as well.


Woodworking for kids is making a comeback right now, and your kids should join the fun. In this article, we have discussed some of the easiest and most impressive woodworking projects your kids can create. We have also discussed some of the safety measures you should put in place to ensure a safe woodworking environment.

Kids have been known to learn by example, so you should adhere to and enforce these safety measures as a parent.