Best Wood for Dremel Carving

Best Wood for Dremel Carving: Guide and Reviews 

Over the last couple of years, dremels have become the go-to tool for all wood carving tasks and the reason for that is not far fetched — they are efficient.

Prior to the development of these dremels, woodworkers had to settle for a tool as clumsy or slow and basic as a standard saw or chisels.

While most artists or woodworkers would argue that these items are capable of carving wood, you definitely cannot compare these tools when it comes to efficiency, ease of use, precision, accuracy, and so on.

Dremels are miles ahead of any traditional wood carving tool you may think of.

So we know that dremels are great, but what’s the best wood for dremel carving?

Best Wood for Dremel Carving

1. JoePaul’s Craft Beginners Premium Wood Carving Block

If you’ve engaged in any form of wood carving activity, either with the help of traditional tools or the super-efficient dremel, then you will agree with me when I say basswood is the best wood type for this job.

Over the last couple of years, basswood has been identified as one of the best wood types for all wood carving activities. Why is that so?

Basswood has an amazing, smooth texture. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for not only wood carving projects but also various woodworking tasks.

While there are tons of basswood blocks everywhere, the unfinished kiln-dried wood from the JoePaul’s Craft brand has proven to be one of the best out there. How so?

First, this basswood has been harvested in the United States with no additional chemicals in it. It is made from only natural materials, making it super convenient for all wood carving tasks.

Secondly, this wood has been made ready for all your wood carving tasks. Currently, there are various inferior woodblocks on the market that are not suitable for wood carving. This basswood differs in that regard. It is ideal for all dremel wood carving activities.

Finally, one of the things we found impressive in this product is its overall build and texture. It is particularly suitable for any dremel you have in mind.


  • Brand: JoePaul’s Craft
  • Weight: 9.2 ounces
  • Produced: USA
  • Chemicals: no


  • It is suitable for all wood carving projects
  • It is made from quality materials
  • It comes with straight grains which helps ease your work


  • There is not enough to hang on as you whittle
  • There are a couple of defects in most of the woodblocks

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2. KINGCRAFT Basswood Carving Block Set (12 Packs)

One of the most impressive features of this product is that it is made from 100% basswood. This means that you get your money’s worth each time you purchase this woodblock set.

Over time, most woodworkers complained about certain defects in most woodblocks they purchase. This product from KINGCRAFT seeks to solve that problem.

There are no knots or defects in any of the wood pieces. They are all smooth and suitable for wood carving using any dremel type.

The overall shape and build of this product makes it ideal for beginners. If you’re just starting out, you may consider getting this woodblock set for your projects.

Made from natural wood, this product is easy to work with and suitable for any wood carving task you may have in mind.

Being from the KINGSCRAFT brand, you are guaranteed a quality and versatile woodblock that can be used for virtually any dremel.


  • Brand: KINGCRAFT
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Produced: USA
  • Chemicals: no


  • It is an ideal woodblock set
  • It is suitable for beginners
  • It can also be used by kids


  • The overall shape and build varies from block to block

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3. 5ARTH Basswood Carving Block Set

Particularly designed for kids and beginners, the 5ARTH woodblock set is currently one of the best block sets on the market.

Not only is this carving wood set suitable for beginners but it can also be used to introduce your kids to the art of wood carving. Its texture makes it suitable for kids.

One of the most impressive features of this basswood set from 5ARTH is the level of technology and precision put into it.

It has been cut and sanded accurately with some of the best technological tools on the market. With the help of this technology, you are guaranteed an ideal woodblock for your wood carving projects.

Whether you buy this product to practice or carry out wood carving projects professionally, you can be sure of the smooth surfaces that you can use with any dremel of your choice.

Aside from wood carving, this woodblock is versatile, meaning that it can be used for various woodworking projects.


  • Brand: 5ARTH
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Chemical: no


  • It is ideal for beginners
  • It is a versatile woodblock set
  • It can serve as a practice set for kids


  • It is quite expensive

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4. MAMAR Natural Basswood Carving Set

When it comes to wood carving, we can all agree that for your project to look stunning, you need to use the best wood. With this in mind, this product was designed. It is an ideal solution for all your wood problems.

Made in the United States, this natural basswood set from MAMAR has been made from some of the most premium lumber. In addition to this, there is no chemical used in the entire production of this wood.

One of the core features of this product is its easy to use nature. Unlike most of the other products, this natural basswood set is easy to make use of and suitable for all wood carving projects.

Its versatility is another amazing feature to take into consideration. Aside from offering you the rare opportunity of making some of the coolest wood carving projects there is, you can also use this wood for other woodworking tasks.

In addition to this, this product is suitable for beginners and kids alike. If you’re planning to gift your kids something next Christmas, you may consider getting them this product.

Regardless of the dremel type you use, you are guaranteed quality work each time you use this product.


  • Brand: MAMAR
  • Weight: 12 ounces
  • Produced: USA
  • Chemicals: no


  • This product is smooth and suitable for all projects
  • It is ideal for beginners and children alike
  • It is a versatile woodblock set


  • It is quite expensive

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Buying Guide

With the increasing number of dremel wood carving block set brands springing up annually, it has become quite difficult for woodworkers to pick the best wood sets for wood carving projects.

While we have reviewed some of the best wood for Dremel carving, it is important that we share some of the core features to take into consideration when choosing wood for any wood carving project.

Quality of Wood and Materials Used

Generally, the quality of wood in question will determine the quality of the wood carving project.

The quality of each woodblock differs, even if they all claim to be basswood (or any other wood type).

Aside from the wood type each of the woodblock sets is derived from, the texture of the wood, finishing, and edges also distinguish these wood pieces from each other.

While most of the wood pieces available for purchase on various online and offline stores all claim to be of high quality, only a few of them actually live up to that claim.

This is why it is advised that you pay attention to the quality of wood you opt for. It should be made from natural wood and should not contain artificial substances or chemicals.

Take into consideration the quality of the woodblock before settling for one.

Generally, what makes a woodblock a quality one is the type of material used in its production.

So, when choosing one of these woodblocks for all your woodworking projects, it is important that you opt for a wood set that is made from some of the best materials available.

Woodblocks made from the best materials are generally more durable, efficient, and suitable for all your woodworking projects.

Your Budget

This is one of the core factors to take into consideration when shopping for the best wood for Dremel carving.

As you know already, your budget is simply the exact amount of money you’ve set aside for the purchase of an item, in this case, wood.

Your budget is heavily dependent on the type of dremel wood carving project you are undertaking. For example, if you are just starting out or teaching your kids how to carve wood, your budget would definitely be different from that of an expert.

Basically, your budget should reflect the type of wood carving project you’re carrying out.

Having a budget serves as a guide. It ensures that you do not buy more than you need for the project.

As mentioned earlier, your budget should be flexible, albeit dependent on the type of task you’re undertaking.


When it comes to picking the best wood for dremel carving, most people overlook the importance of choosing a woodblock that has already been prepared for any wood carving project.

Settling for a wood set that has been prepared for wood carving saves you time. It also quickens your wood carving project, ensuring that you are able to meet deadlines.

Currently, most of the wood sets in the market today have been prepared for wood carving, meaning that you do not need to spend any time prepping the wood.

Always opt for a wood set that has been prepared beforehand as this makes your job easier. It also saves you ample time that can be used to perfect your project.

Brand Name

Ordinarily, this shouldn’t be a factor to consider but with the influx of manufacturers in this industry, it has become one of the core factors to take into consideration. Here’s why.

First, most brands or manufacturers claim that their wood sets are 100% basswood. Most of the time, woodworkers have found that claim to be false.

The task of getting these wood sets without artificial substances or chemicals is a difficult one. Brands with little capital will find it extremely difficult to get the best wood type for their wood sets.

This all points to the fact that buying from a lesser known brand may not entirely be a good idea, especially for a beginner.

However, this does not in any way say that all lesser known brands do not offer quality wood sets. Basically, it is important that you research the product before buying it. If you can, you would do well to ask customers that have bought and made use of wood sets from a particular brand.

Number of Woodblocks

The number of woodblocks in any set you buy is another key factor to take into consideration. If you’re handling a large project, you will definitely need more woodblocks.

To save you money, buying woodblock sets with larger woodblocks is your best option. Endeavor to take this into consideration when shopping for woodblocks.

Final Thoughts

With hundreds of wood manufacturers springing up, it has become increasingly difficult for woodworkers (experts and beginners alike) to pick the best wood for dremel carving.

This piece has reviewed some of the best wood sets to choose from. In addition to that, we have shared a couple of factors to take into consideration when shopping for woodblocks.

While these factors have oftentimes been overlooked by most people, you shouldn’t.

If getting the best wood for dremel carving is your priority, it is important that you take into consideration these factors next time you are shopping for wood.