Best Wood for Pyrography

Best Wood for Pyrography: Quick Reviews and Guide

Dating back to antiquity, pyrography is the seemingly simple yet complicated task of burning images into wood.

Wood is basically the most important material required for pyrography. However, getting the best wood for this task has proven to be a herculean task for most people.

Best Wood for Pyrography

To help you out, this piece will review some of the best woodblocks for pyrography. In addition to this, this piece will discuss some of the factors to take into consideration when picking a woodblock for pyrography.

1. Walnut Hollow Value Pack Basswood Country Plank

Launched about 40 years ago, the Walnut Hollow Basswood Country Plank has cemented its place as one of the leading Basswood blocks in the country.

With an edged surface that is ideal for all your wood crafting needs, the country plank is one of the very few woodblocks that has been designed specifically for all image burning needs.

If you’ve used this wood before, then you would agree when I say that it is incredibly versatile. Unlike most of the pyrography woodblocks you’ve probably seen or used, the Basswood Country Plank is both versatile and easy to make use of.

One feature that sets this woodblock apart from the others is the singular fact that there were no other chemicals used in its manufacturing process.

Since no chemical or artificial substances were used in the production of this woodblock, you may see certain minor defects in its overall look and shape. However, that should not deter you from making use of this super-efficient pyrography wood.

Interestingly, this woodblock is made in America, thereby ensuring quality.


  • Brand: Walnut Hollow
  • Weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Width: 9 – 11 inches
  • Length: 13 inches
  • Thickness: 5 – 8 inches


  • It is a versatile woodblock
  • It is incredibly easy to carve
  • It is made from natural products alone


  • Made from natural materials, so some woodblocks may have certain defects in them

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2. AxeSickle Natural Wood Slice

This is a natural pyrography woodblock, hence the name AxeSickle Natural Wood Slice.

This woodblock, unlike most of the blocks you will find on the market, has been manufactured with no chemical or artificial substances.

One of the core features of this pyrography woodblock is that it is always easy to make use of. Once you purchase this wood, you do not need to take any preparatory steps.

Its non-chemical nature makes it toxic-free and ideal for children. If you’re introducing pyrography as a hobby for a bigginger, then you may consider using this wood as it is both easy to make use of and safe for you and your kids.

Another interesting feature of this woodblock is its weight. Albeit light, this woodblock has been designed to be quite heavy to ensure that it does not break easily.

While there are a ton of benefits associated with the use of this wood, one of the downsides is that it is not thick enough. Although this could be an advantage for most people, it has proven to be a major disadvantage for other craftsmen.


  • Brand: AxeSickle
  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Thickness: 0.5 inch


  • It is a natural woodblock
  • It is incredibly easy to carve/shape
  • It is an ideal woodblock for teaching your kids how to carry out pyrography tasks


  • It is not as thick as most of the other woodblocks

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3. Round Unfinished Wood Cutout Circle Chip

The manufacturers of this wood, Super Z Outlet in the last couple of years have cemented their place as one of the leading pyrography wood manufacturers in the country.

With their sole aim being to offer you the unrivaled opportunity to make memories through burning images into wood, they have produced one of the best woodblocks for that.

The Round Unfinished Wood from the Super Z Outlet has been manufactured to lessen the burden for you. You do not need to prepare the woodblock before starting out.

Regardless of what you have in mind, this wood is an ideal solution to all of the problems you may have faced when using wood for pyrography.

Like the others, this is a block of natural, unfinished wood, meaning that it is both safe for you and your kids. It is also versatile and can be used for other woodworking tasks too.


  • Brand: Super Z Outlet
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Thickness: 1.5 inch


  • It is a natural woodblock
  • It is ideal for all woodworking tasks
  • Like the others, it is incredibly easy to carve, etc
  • The edges have been processed


  • There are certain minor defects you may notice when you use this wood

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4. OBMWANG Unfinished Square Blank Wood

While most of the pyrography wood manufacturers claim that their woodblocks are made from some of the best materials, this woodblock actually is.

From the OBMWANG brand, the Unfinished Square Blank Wood has been produced with some of the most premium natural wood in the world.

With the help of certain laser cut technologies, this woodblock has been beautifully polished, with no rough edges.

This blank wood affords you the opportunity to paint, burn, or even stain easily. Since the edges have been polished, you simply need to burn the images.

Generally, one of the problems most woodworkers have had when using various woodblocks for pyrography is that the sharp ends may cut them once in a while.

To prevent this and keep you safe from all accidents, the manufacturers of this wood have designed it to have round corners, instead of the common sharp corners. This ensures that you do not harm yourself as you set out to complete various image burning tasks.


  • Brand: OBMWANG
  • Weight: 0.705 ounces
  • Thickness: 0.1 inches


  • Comes with round corners to prevent accidents
  • It is made from some of the best materials
  • It is incredibly versatile


  • It is quite expensive for a product with that contains only 6 pieces

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5. Caydo 72 Pieces Unfinished Square Wood

This is an ideal woodblock for all creatives seeking to burn beautiful images into wood. In addition to being a fine wood for all your pyrography tasks, it is suitable for other tasks too.

Regardless of age or level of expertise, this product has been manufactured to be used by anyone, and for various woodworking projects.

One of the core features of this product is its cost-effective nature. Unlike most of the other products reviewed here, the Caydo Unfinished Square Wood comes with 72 different pieces for use. This gives you value for your money.

Because it is made from high quality materials, this wood is sturdy and ideal for almost every woodworking task you may think of.

Like the other product mentioned earlier, the Caydo Unfinished Square Wood also comes with round corners, thus, preventing accidents.


  • Brand: Caydo
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds
  • Thickness: 0.1 inch


  • It is ideal for all your woodworking projects
  • Easy to carve/burn
  • Corners are round to prevent accidents of any sort
  • It is cost-effective


  • Most users have complained of certain defects, like the woodblocks not being straight

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6. MysticalBoy Wood Square

Made from some of the best materials there is, this wood from MysticalBoy is currently one of the best woodblocks for pyrography out there.

Like the others reviewed here, this product is made from natural materials, making it an ideal wood for all your woodworking projects.

To prevent accidents during the course of pyrography, the corners of this woodblock have been built to be round, just like some of the others.

Its wide, blank space affords you the opportunity to make tons of burning images. In fact, this wood is versatile.

Additionally, this is a cost-effective product. It comes with over 50 different wood planks that can be used for pyrography.


  • Brand: MysticalBoy
  • Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Thickness: 1.8 inch


  • It is a versatile woodblock
  • It is moderately priced
  • Easy to make use of


  • It is not thick enough

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Buying Guide

Picking the best wood for pyrography has become one of the most difficult tasks for most woodworkers.

With hundreds of woodblocks available on the market, it has become increasingly difficult for most people to choose from. Are you one of those?

While we have reviewed some of the best wood for pyrography, it is best that we discuss some of the core factors to take into consideration when choosing a woodblock for image burning.

The Thickness

Generally, the thickness of woodblock has been identified to be one of the most important factors to take into consideration.

First, a woodblock with an average thickness will ensure that you are able to make images through the use of various pyrography pens.

If a woodblock is thicker than usual, it will require you to apply a little more pressure and will definitely take you time.

The thickness of a woodblock should be taken into consideration before opting for one. While it should not be too light and thin, it shouldn’t be too thick either.

Materials Used

The materials used in the production of each woodblock, unknown to most people, are capable of affecting the end result.

With hundreds of brands claiming to offer woodblocks made from the most premium natural materials, only a few of them actually live up to that bogus claim.

Woodblocks made with artificial materials or chemical substances, although may look very good to the eyes because of the extra finishing, have proven not to be durable.

Depending on the type of task you have at hand, it is important that you opt for a woodblock made from some of the best materials there is.

Woodblocks made from natural materials are most of the time ideal for pyrography and other wood-burning activities you may have in mind.

Your Budget

Regardless of what you are shopping for, your budget is arguably the most important factor to take into consideration.

A budget basically refers to the specific amount of money you’ve set aside for the purchase of an item, in this case, woodblock.

Currently, most of the woodblocks for pyrography are moderately priced but some happen to be way more affordable than the others.

If you’re looking for wood for a large wood-burning task, then you may consider choosing the Caydo 72 Square Wood.

Unlike the others, this product comes with 72 wood pieces that can be used for any woodworking project.

In addition to this, the MysticalBoy Wood Square comes with 50 different wood pieces.

Finally, your budget should guide you as you set out to get the best wood for pyrography.


Although most of the tools used for carrying out this complicated task have changed over the years, the core aspects still remain and have helped most new pyrographers.

One of the many challenges artisans have when it comes to burning images into wood is that of finding the best material for the job.

This piece has discussed some of the best woodblocks you can use for all your wood burning and pyrography tasks. In addition to this, we have listed three core factors that should be taken into consideration when shopping for these woodblocks.