Best Wood Stain Remover — Quick Guide for Removing Stubborn Stains

No matter how hard you try, it seems impossible to remove hard stains from wooden surfaces effectively with those same old techniques. Sometimes the kids in the house stain the wood and sometimes it is the natural consequence of applying low-grade wood applicants.

With the rapid advancement in technology and lifestyle products, some brands have developed the best and easy to use stain removers specifically made for wooden surfaces. Not only do these products remove the stubborn stains, but they also maintain the natural look of your wood. For that, you need the best wood stain remover.

1. FDC 99.6% PURE OXALIC ACID Powder

The strong Oxalic Acid formula is an ideal solution for removing stains and other unwanted spots, it is 99.6% pure which is a high rate per industry standards.

This commodity not only removes stains from wood but is also practically applicable against rusty surfaces, such as metallic surfaces like iron and stains created by water.

This product is a good contender for domestic purposes. However, it can also be used for commercial activity.

The company also offers you a complete ebook with the order, which explains how to use the product, hence, making it easy to use.

This product uses oxalic acid which possesses high hazards if exposed to skin or body. It must be used with extreme caution and will require extra safety equipment.

Workplace Safety makes a good guide for what precautions you should take while using hazardous chemicals.


  • Made of: Oxalic acid.
  • Used for: Stain removal and Rust removal
  • Quantity: 32 ounces
  • Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Brand: FDC


  • This product offers high-quality results
  • This formula is highly pure
  • It can apply to several surfaces
  • It is useful for domestic and commercial use
  • This product comes with helpful guidelines


  • It is hazardous
  • It needs to be used with proper safety equipment
  • It’s not the most cost effective solution if you need to work on a large surface area

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2. Tibet Almond Stick Scratch Amazing Wooden Surface Stain Remover

This product is specifically targeted for the removal of wood stains and it will provide you with optimum and staggering results. This product’s unique selling point is its prime focus on the quality it offers. Passed by manual, hand-checked quality tests this product comes without any defects.

It’s made to remove even the ugliest looking stains and blemishes. In fact, it will make your wood as good as new.

We’ll even go as far as saying that you can clean stains from your antiques without much risk of damaging them, especially for a normal stain removal product.

It vows to provide an amazing amount of durability as it will last longer on your wooden surfaces than most average stain remover products.

Tibet’s stain remover is ready to use right out of the box and does not require any mixing or further preparation. It is simple to use and remove. It also has a pleasant odor, which is a plus for those with sensitive noses.


  • Made of: Almond components
  • Used for: Stain removal and scratch removal
  • Quantity: Available in one size
  • Weight : It weighs about 1.6 ounces
  • Brand: Tibet


  • This product ensures prime quality results
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Removes even the hardest stains
  • Provides your wood furniture or products with extra durability
  • It is a hazard-free product


  • Only usable on wood
  • Might not be the best product for outdoor wooden surfaces
  • It is available in only one size

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3. Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

If you are a pet owner and you can not seem to figure out what to do when your pet makes a mess on your floor or furniture, this product might be for you.

Specifically designed to eliminate the urination stains caused by pets from wood, flooring, and other surfaces, this product uses its advanced enzyme technology to say goodbye to urination marks and makes sure your house remains spick and span.

Not only will it provide you stain removing features but will also ensure that any kind of unpleasant odor leaves your house.

Approved by the CRI for application on carpets, the brand also announced that it is free of chlorine and other kinds of harmful toxins. So, this product is safe to use around pets, babies, and adults (indirectly, of course)

Rocco & Roxie offers an alluring deal for this product, if you are not satisfied with the performance or usage, the brand promises to return your money. (Terms and conditions might apply.)


  • Made of: Key ingredients come from enzyme compounds
  • Used for: (Pet) stain removal and odor elimination
  • Quantity: It is available in 2 sizes; 1 gallon and 32 ounces
  • Weight: It weighs 2 pounds
  • Brand: Rocco & Roxie


  • It offers good quality results
  • It uses the latest technology
  • It is really easy to use
  • It works as a multi stain remover
  • It is free of harmful chemicals and toxins/it is safe to use all around the house
  • It provides a satisfaction guarantee


  • This product might not be best for hard stains
  • This product does not offer optimum durability
  • This does not provide protection for wooden surfaces

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4. Clorox Commercial Solutions Urine Remover for Stains and Odors

Generally targeted for commercial use, this product might also work for your domestic needs.

A direct competitor against the aforementioned Roco & Roxie urine and stain cleaner, this product also comes with amazing qualities that are effective at removing urine stains caused by pets (and odors as well).

Extensively used for public sidewalks, public urinals, and pavements, this product also works on home furniture and domestic upholstery. This product makes sure your house stays clean even if your pets keep making messes around the house.

Made with hydrogen peroxide, this cleaner will not leave even the tiniest of spots on your applied surfaces.


  • Made of: it uses a hydrogen peroxide based formula
  • Used for: Urine and pet stain removal and odor elimination
  • Quantity: It is available in a 1-gallon container
  • Weight: It weighs 8.66 pounds
  • Brand: Colorx


  • It can be applied to different surfaces (aside from wood)
  • It is good for outdoor use
  • This product provides two functions: stain remover and odor eliminator
  • This product offers a large quantity for the price


  • It needs to be added to a spray bottle before use
  • It can cause eye and nose irritation

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5. OXALIC ACID 99.6% 2 Lb. Deck, Crystals, Metal Cleaning:Rust Removal, Wood Stain Remover

For our fifth product in our best wood stain remover guide, this product features similar properties to FDC’s Oxalic Powder. It uses a similar formula yet offers a cheaper solution for your stain removing duties.

This product also comes with a user manual, so you don’t make a mess with it.

Let’s dive right into the key specifications and features this product provides.


  • Made of: Oxalic acid
  • Used for: Stain and rust removal
  • Quantity: It comes in a2 pound pouch
  • Brand: Crislan


  • It uses a quality formula
  • It offers diversification as it can be used on different surfaces
  • It is cheap
  • It comes with a user manual


  • It possesses dangerous chemicals
  • It needs to be applied with caution
  • It is not easily applicable

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6. Boeshield RustFree Rust and Stain Remover

Last but not least, this product is super easy to use with some amazing qualities: this is the one product that everyone should have in their house.

Intended to remove rust stains from different metallic surfaces (or any kind of surface, such as porcelain, house floor, house tiles, etc.) this product gives you a run for your money. For all of our environmentally conscious friends, this product might be the best fit as it is made with a biodegradable formula.

It comes in a bottle with a spray head for a top, making it super fast and easy to use. Rust stains don’t stand a chance in front of this king.

You might want to consider this product when you want to easily eliminate rust stains and other annoying stains in your house. It is a little more expensive than others, however, it will prove to be super useful and handy in times of need.


  • Made of: This product is made up of Phosphoric acid
  • Used for: Stain removal and rust removal
  • Quantity: 8 ounces
  • Brand: Boeshield


  • It is super easy to use
  • It is directly applicable to almost any surface
  • It uses a biodegradable formula
  • A small amount gets the job done


  • This product is expensive
  • It comes in a small quantity
  • This spray should not be used on black-oxide metal

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Buyer’s Guide

Best House Maintainer: Tibet Almond Stick

If you are looking for a product that will fulfill your day to day furniture maintenance needs, you should go with this product as it is easily applicable to furniture, antiques, and your wooden floors. This stain remover will keep your house alive and classy at all times.

This product requires no extra application methods and will be useful when guests are coming over to your house and you urgently need to get rid of some odd stains or scratches to keep your house looking tip-top.

The Professional Stain Remover: Clorox Commercial Stain Remover

If you are looking for a product to use in excess for commercial use, this product stands alone. Offering a high quantity of solution, it will make sure to clean all the parts it is applied to with a lot left over.

Best for outdoor use, this product also effectively removes any kind of pet waste marks. This product is something cleaning corporations and businesses make use of and it surely stands out in providing maximum results.

The Pet Lover: Roco and Roxie Stain Remover

Without any doubt, this product will care not only for your wooden surfaces at your home but also for your pets. It is made with no harmful chemicals; it is 100% toxin-free. This product is the right one for all the pet owners out there, providing an easy solution to remove urine stains and smell if by chance your pet manages to make a mess on your furniture or floor.

Sold as the Number 1 Choice for urine stain removers on Amazon, this product surely manages to outrun every other substitute in this category.


In this guide, we discussed some great stain removers for wood and other products.

We all love to make our house and furniture shine and to make sure you do it the right way, we analyzed some of the best products and the features they offer. Stain removal might have been a hard task in the old days, but with these products by your side, it is super easy and quick.

We hope you will benefit from these products and keep your house stainless with the best wood stain remover of your choice.