How to Whitewash Wood

How to Whitewash Wood

Wood is everywhere as part of our daily lives, from the furniture we use to the floors we stand on. As it ages gracefully, so does the wear and tear process works its magic on it? You find that most of the best creations came out of necessity. So does whitewash. Since the early 16th …

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Varnish Wood

How to Varnish Wood

Varnish is a very popular treatment to protect and preserve wood. Varnish is a resin that is dissolved in a liquid. This resin is then applied onto various surfaces such as wood and metal to create a hard, clear, and shiny surface when it is properly dried. Varnish is a popular choice for treating wood. …

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Best Wood Carving Tools - a selection of fine chisels

Best Wood Carving Tools

For an artist or crafter, the most important things they possess are their tools. Without the right set of tools, the crafter’s skills are largely unused. This is true for every kind of artist. The painter wants the best brushes, and the wood carver wants the best wood carving tools. Having the right tools with …

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Best wood for carving

Best wood for carving

Are you fond of carving sculptures or decoration items out of wood? Well, if you are, and also a bit confused about choosing the right kind of wood, then you are in the right place. Wood carving is one of the best arts. However, it needs practice and persistence to master — and the right …

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PSI woodworking products - image of a man using a PSI jigsaw

The Best PSI Woodworking Products

Among major woodworking companies, PSI is a market leader whose products are preferred by woodworkers all over the globe. With their extraordinary designs and quality products that are often multifunctional, PSI woodworking products are available at reasonable and affordable rates. In this product review, we’ll be reviewing some of PSI’s popular mini lathe accessories and …

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Six Wood Lathe Chisel Sets

Six Wood Lathe Chisel Sets

Getting the right wood and lathe is not enough for your project to be complete, you also need a wood lathe chisel set that allows you to produce more intricate designs. Contrary to expectations, you do not necessarily need to have many tools. What’s important is learning how to use your tools, as many are …

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